Friday, July 9, 2010

Candidate Dan Patlak Offers Free Property Tax Help

Dan Patlak is running for Commissioner, Cook County Board of Review in District 1. He sent the following message today, in which he announced the "official grand opening of the Property Tax Education Center" on his website ( So, from Dan Patlak:
If you like the information provided in the Education Center and would like to see an elected official who wants to empower taxpayers as Commissioner at the Cook County Board of Review, please invest in our campaign for Professional Competence and Political Balance.
You can also help by joining my Facebook Fan Page (DanPatlak) and clicking "Suggest to Friends." Chances are some of your friends don't know who I am or what the Cook County Board of Review and Cook County Assessor are. This is an easy way to introduce them that only takes one click per friend. This will also allow them to keep up to date on Cook County Property Tax information and possibly find a way to lower their taxes. If you're not on Facebook and would like to help, please consider volunteering in one of the following ways: