Thursday, July 15, 2010

Abandoned Cat "Sweetie Pie" Needs Your Help

Chicago - This is one cute cat, and she was recently abandoned - tossed out - by a heartless owner. A friend of mine is taking care of her but he is allergic to cats and wants to find a good home for her. Her name is "Sweetie Pie," and she's been checked out by a vet and is in good shape. She is a 3-year old with tortoise shell markings and, says my friend, "affectionate and mellow." If you would like to adopt Sweetie Pie, leave a comment on this post with your email address and phone number (we will NOT publish either of those) and we'll put you in touch with her caretaker, my friend. Here's what my buddy wrote on July 15 about how he found Sweetie Pie: Found in Ukranian Village about a week ago. She has a microchip that led us back to her previous owners, but they dumped her in the street a couple of weeks ago because they had a baby. She is fixed and has proper shots. Tested negative on a combo test (no feline diseases). She is clean and healthy, no injuries. Some overgrooming due to stress. Bonus: She comes with a brand new litter box with fresh litter, a couple pounds of dry food, water and food bowls, stand-alone scratching post, hanging scratching pad, and a circular "chase-the-mouse" toy. All of this was donated by Treehouse Cat Shelter on Carmen and Broadway. They did say, however, that she would be super easy to find a home for because of her disposition.