Tuesday, July 20, 2010

7 Wounded, 1 Dead in Shootings on Chicago's South Side

July 20, 2010 - Last night, Chicago police were involved in four separate gunfights on the South Side and in the Little Village neighborhood (map). There were at least four shooting incidents (as you'll read below). All together, at least seven people were struck by gunfire (no police officers) with at least one dead. A CPD officer who I know was involved with two of the incidents. He phoned me on his way home at 10:20 p.m. and said he was involved with the 9:00 p.m. incidents in the 6300 block of South Vernon (map) and the one in the Back of the Yards neighborhood (map). He said the police had to pull out their rifles for these. My friend told me that he personally saw five bad guys get shot, one of whom he saw die at the scene, not later in the hospital as reported by the Chicago Tribune. Exclusive: My officer friend was involved with incidents One and Two, detailed below. What my officer friend told me, and what the Chicago Tribune story below does not tell you, is that police went to the 6300 block of South Vernon to quell a fight between two gangs, and the gangs then turned their fire on the police. So, with that extra tidbit from us exclusively, here's what the Trib reported late Monday night: Incident #One, 9:00 PM: In the most recent shooting, four men were shot in the West Woodlawn neighborhood, officials said. The shootings occurred on the 6300 block of South Vernon Avenue at about 9 p.m., said Chicago Fire Department spokesman Quention Curtis. (Editor's Note: My CPD officer friend said this happened in Englewood.) Incident #Two, 9:00 PM: In the Back of the Yards neighborhood, at about the same time, one person was reported shot on the 5100 block of South May Street, said Curtis. A spokesman for the Cook County medical examiner's office said they were notified of a shooting death at that address. The victim was taken in serious-to-critical condition to Stroger Hospital where he was later pronounced dead. (Editor's Note: My CPD officer friend was involved in this one, too, but he said he saw the victim die on the scene.) Incident #Three, 10:30 PM: About 10:30 p.m. in the Englewood neighborhood, a 17-year-old boy was shot in the 6800 block of South Justine Street. He was taken in serious-to-critical condition to Stroger Hospital, said Curtis. (Editor's Note: By this time, my CPD officer friend was pulling into his driveway at home.) Incident #Four, 7:13 PM: ....two 18-year-old men were shot in the Little Village neighborhood.... [They were shot] on the street on the 2100 block of South Spaulding Avenue at 7:13 p.m. .... Hey Chicago, how's that new restrictive handgun ordinance working out for ya? It sure has made the streets safer, hasn't it? That Mayor Daley and his City Clowncil are friggin' geniuses, ain't they?