Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What The Cappleman! It's Official, He's Running In The 46th Ward

I'm not sure why, but Democrat James Cappleman will be running for alderman of the 46th Ward of Chicago - again. He made it official with a press release today (below). Perhaps this time he'll run a better campaign than he did in 2007, one with balls. His current effort is being controlled - yes, controlled - by Jim Madigan's former campaign manager, Lauren Peters. She ran a very aggressive campaign against Heather Steans in the February Democrat primary for State Senate. Despite the good information put out by the Madigan campaign, which showed Steans' ties to Blagojevich and the corrupt Chicago Machine, the idiot voters chose her as their gal for the November general election. Cappleman will face a field of at least five contenders in the aldermanic election in February, 2011. If he's smart, he'll let Peters run the campaign and stay out of her way. She's good. She's very good, but here's a note for Ms. Peters: Stop enabling the exaggerated claims by Mr. Cappleman about "taking back the community" with the useless positive loiterers. It borders on outright lying. Here's why and here's why. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 46th Ward Alderman Candidate James Cappleman Announces Kick-off of 2011 Campaign on June 19 Wednesday, June 2, 2010 CHICAGO: Candidate for 46th Ward Alderman, James Cappleman, officially announces his 2011 campaign kick-off. “It’s an exciting time. I have been working hard for the people of the 46th Ward for over ten years and I will make sure their voices are heard in City Council.” Cappleman says. James Cappleman was picked by a selection committee to run against Alderman Helen Shiller in 2007. Despite being outspent four to one, he managed to receive 47 percent of the vote. “Our dedicated campaign team learned a lot from the last election and we’ve been working even harder since then. I’ve strengthened my relationships with leaders in the community and continue to be a resource to elected officials. The bottom line is that residents of this ward -- whether they live in a high-rise on the lake, in a homeless shelter, or in a new condo -- deserve better.” Cappleman’s campaign will officially kick-off on Saturday, June 19 at 11:00 a.m. at Sunnyside Garden Mall, located at the corner of Sunnyside & Malden with a community garden clean-up. Although this is unconventional for a campaign kick-off, Cappleman notes, “I’ve always been more about action than just talk. We’ll be making our campaign official by working with neighbors and friends to clean up Sunnyside Mall and enjoy some good food and company. I want residents of the ward to know what they can expect from me as their alderman.” After the kick-off, Cappleman will be holding a fundraiser that day at 1000 W. Leland at 6:00 p.m. This location plays a significant roll in the ward as Cappleman notes, "This was the site where many of us joined together to take back the community after some highly publicized street violence. This campaign will be a community movement and I'm excited to work with my neighbors to make the 46th ward a better place to live." NOTE: Cappleman's claim that he helped "take back the community" is pure bullshit. Here's why and here's why.