Monday, June 21, 2010

(Sneak Photos) Uptown Target Store Opens July 25

Will Target really come to Wilson Yard? I'm kidding, of course, but after years of wondering, and despite the obvious, I think a few people in Chicago's Uptown neighborhood were still not believers even after Target announced that they were hiring for the new store on Chicago's north side. In fact, even at this late date, some seem incapable of seeing what's before their very eyes. "Wilson Yard, located at the corner of Montrose and Broadway, is the largest parcel of undeveloped land on the North side of Chicago," says the website of That group tried for years to stop the development. Now that's it's completed, they seem unable to cope with it. Look at the photos below. Does that look like "undeveloped land" to you? It's time to start believing: Target will open its new store on July 25 on N. Broadway, one block north of W. Montrose (see map) on a plot of land that used to be Wilson Yard. It was called that for years because it was a work yard for the Chicago Transit Authority, but now it's a big complex with both commercial and residential space. So, like, can we please stop calling it "Wilson Yard?" We don't still refer to the United States as "the Colonies," do we?