Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Portland Police Reopen Case of Al Gore's Inconvenient Massage

BREAKING - June 30, 2010 - There has been buzz about a masseuse accusing Al Gore of groping her inappropriately for days. Portland, Oregon police have reopened the case. See the original police report (pdf) here (Advisory: Explicit sexual content). Fifty-four-year-old Molly Hagerty is on the cover of the tabloid's current issue holding pants she claims contain Gore's DNA and calls the Nobel Prize winner a “pervert and a sexual predator.” The allegations come after she gave Gore a massage at the upscale Hotel Lucia in downtown Portland in October 2006. - KATU, Portland We'll have more to say about this case as it progresses, but for now let's bring you up to date with some current headlines: TODAY: Police Re-Open Sex Abuse Case Against Al Gore‎ KPTV Portland Portland police will investigate accusations that Al Gore groped woman‎ Al Gore 'a pervert and a sexual predator', massage therapist Molly Hagerty Adelaide Now Al Gore a pervert and a sexual predator, says massage therapist ...‎ Herald Sun Al Gore's Alleged Victim Reveals Herself‎ CBS 3 RECENT: Tabloid claims Al Gore assaulted Portland masseuse KATU (June 23, 2010) Al Gore Sex Scandal Depicted As Cartoon CNB