Thursday, June 17, 2010

Poll Shows Few Trust Rep Jesse Jackson

The association of Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. with the alleged corruption of Rod Blagojevich is hurting his Congressional campaign. So says a poll released on June 16 by James H. Taylor, Sr., publisher of The Kankakee City News. Even though the poll was conducted before the corruption trial of former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich began, it shows a serious lack of trust in Jackson by potential voters. At the same time, the poll shows a rise in voters' respect for Isaac Hayes, Jackson's Republican challenger, who is seen by poll respondents as "the honest one." Hayes and Jackson are vying for the 2nd Congressional District seat of Illinois. A June 17 press release from Hayes says that he believes the recent Kankakee City News poll shows "how frustrated the citizens of Illinois Second District are with Congressman Jackson and that they are ready to go against the grain for a long overdue change of management." “Our communities must have hope for their future and their children’s future and in order to give them that hope," said Hayes, "we must have change.” Publisher Taylor said this about the City News poll: Hayes is viewed, according to recently conducted telephone and paper City News poll as the ‘honest one” while those polled had questions about the nature of Congressman Jackson’s role in the alleged attempts to sell and buy the U.S. Senate seat of former U.S. Senator Barack Obama. Some polled believed Congressman Jackson’s reputation is in question as a result of tapes revealed during the Blagojevich criminal trial. Those polled, 56% said they felt Congressman Jackson had failed to properly represent the voters of the 2 nd District and 78% of those polled checked a poll question that asked if they believed Congressman Jackson’s voting record reflected a disconnect with the majority of African American residents of the 2nd District. Those polled also, by a margin of 2 to 1 indicated that they did not trust Congressman Jackson and by a majority those polled said they believed Congressman Jackson’s voting record was more in line with those of interests outside the 2 nd District. Asked if they felt candidate Hayes would be more representative of the views and objectives of 2 nd District residents, poll respondents by a four to one majority said yes. Asked if they felt Congressman Jackson had told the truth about his involvement in efforts to purchase the U.S. Senate Seat formerly held by President Barack Obams, 79% said they did not believe Congressman Jackson had been truthful. James H. Taylor, Sr. is the chairman of The Kankakee County Black Republican Association (KCBRA), an African-American voters group in Kankakee County (Source: Daily Journal, Kankakee ~ subscription). Taylor used to support Barack Obama, but has had a change of heart. He posted this on Organizing For America website on January 24, 2010: To be sure I was a supporter and very proud of him when he ran for and won the office of President of the United States. One of my prized possessions has been a photo he took holdidng my news paper, the Kankakee City News, but today I am ashamed of Barack Obama. More here... The Hayes press release today says that the City News poll "was conducted over a period of six weeks and included 389 individuals either over the telephone or via responses to questions in person and an insert in the newspaper. The towns that were covered for this poll included: Ford Heights, Hazel Crest, Harvey, Park Forest, University Park, Chicago Heights, Homewood, Matteson, Dolton, South Holland, Country Club Hills, Frankfort, Richton Park, Olympia Hills, Phoenix, Markham, East Hazel Crest, Flossmoor and part of Woodlawn." The Hayes press release also notes that the poll "was taken prior to the start of the Blagojevich trial and release of wire tape recordings of conversations between Blagojevich and chief-of-staff Alonzo Monk, where Blagojevich is recorded saying Jackson will 'offer you fundraising and all kinds of stuff' in exchange for the Senate seat." Hayes says that the "lack of confidence in Jackson’s character" indicates an erosion of support for Jackson. “The second District needs a Representative with character and leadership to change the lackluster performance of Mr. Jackson," says Hayes. "We have suffered through sixteen years of failed leadership and we need a new direction that will bring honesty and integrity to our government." You can view the entire Hayes press statement on the Citizens for Isaac Hayes website at: The Kankakee City News, oddly, has no website. It has was founded in 1972 and "covers information for Illinois and the greater area." It is a member of the Illinois African American News Service (IAANS). Published weekly, it claims a circulation of 37,000 and is owned by Taylor Publications. (Source)