Monday, June 14, 2010

Chicago Aldermen As Nazis, #1 In Series

Chicago News Bench is launching a series of Chicago Aldermen as Nazis. We'll include Mayor Daley, of course. Let's start the series with a portrait of 49th Ward Ald. Joe Moore. You may wonder why the hell I would do that. I'll explain. According to some Chicago City Council members, you're a Nazi if you support the enforcement of immigration law and plugging the gaping holes in our leaky borders. They said so, in so many words, at the June 9 meeting. Only two aldermen, James Balcer and Brian Doherty, had the sense - and the cajones - to stand up against this absurd action. Only two. Those who did not speak out against the cries of "Nazis!" are complicit in their silence. How many times, during the George W. Bush Administration, did you see and hear direct comparisons of President Bush to Adolf Hitler? Yes, yes, too many to count, and how many times have you heard Democrats and liberals scream in protest about the occasional signs depicting Barack Obama with a Hiter-style mustache? Yes, again, too many to count. Since the end of World War Two, a favorite pasttime and Alinsky-esque tactic of Democrats and liberals has been to call conservatives, Republicans and anybody else they disagree with "Nazis." That was vividly demonstrated, and loudly practiced, in the disgraced Chicago City Council last week. The resolution is their way of showing opposition to Arizona's recently passed SB1070 immigration law, which allows law enforcement officers to ask somebody for proof of being in the country legally, provided that the officers have first stopped them for something else - and only with reasonable cause. In it's infinitely limited wisdom, the Chicago City Council passed a resolution on Wednesday, June 9 that forbids the city from doing business with Arizona-based companies. Without regard for innocent business owners and their defenseless employees, the Chicago aldermen would punish them for a law they find distasteful. Imagine the outcry if, years ago, the Phoenix City Council had voted to ban business with any Chicago companies - even it was only symbolic - because Chicago is a "sanctuary city" where illegal aliens are actually protected by the local government. The resolution essentially acts as a symbolic boycott of the state, “urging City Hall not to do business in the future with Arizona firms,“ the Chicago Tribune reported.It is not an actual boycott, however, in that the measure -- passed by a 46-3 vote -- does not explicitly prohibit commerce between the municipal government and Arizona businesses. More at The incredibly bad resolution by Chicago's City Council was done with another motivation as well: To show the world that the morally pristine scumbags on the Chicago City Council are, well, morally pristine. They're not, of course, and the whole world laughs at them and Illinois politicians as a whole for corruption and incompetence. NBC Chicago ran a commentary on June 10 about the Nazi comments in City Hall: "No matter how right you are," wrote Edward McClelland, "comparing your opponents to the Nazis is always wrong." McClelland went on to write that this generally-true rule of niceness "didn't stop Ald. Danny Solis [25th Ward] from drawing an unseemly comparison between Arizona and the Third Reich during Wednesday’s emotional City Council debate on a resolution to boycott Arizona because of its new illegal immigration law." McClelland quotes Ald. Solis as saying that "In the early stages of Nazi Germany, there was a law that identified particular groups of people. This law [Arizona's SB1070] has identified a particular group of people. This law is evil.” The Sun-Times reported that Solis said the Arizona law is "evil" and reminds him of "what I consider to be one of the worst episodes of this world when Nazi Germany was able to identify a particular group of people by [passing] laws that were only the beginning of something that was monstrous.” Solis apparently has not read SB1070, which is less than 20 pages in length. Had he read it, he would know that it has not "identified a particular group of people." Unless, of course, he meant illegal immigrants. He didn't mean that, of course. Rather, he meant that SB1070 specifies that Latinos and Hispanics should be singled out. Nowhere in the Arizona law does it say that. Perhaps Solis actually does know this, but chose to lie about it in a politically expedient manner. The resolution was sponsored by four (surprise!) Latino aldermen: George Cardenas, Ariel Reboyras, Ray Suarez and Ricardo Munoz. McClelland notes that each of the four sponsors "condemned the law as an attack on their people, but none used a comparison as incendiary as Solis." The four Latino sponsors of the resolution were more than happy, however, to have a stooge like Solis make the Nazi comparison for them. The Sun-Times reported that "They likened the Arizona law to the progressive denial of civil liberties that preceded Adolf Hitler’s 'final solution': the extermination of six million Jews in concentration camps." They may not have used the word "Nazi," but it's hard to miss the implication there. Like Ald. Solis, they either did not read Arizona's SB1070 or have chosen to deliberately lie about it (or both). To compare Arizona's SB1070 to the Third Reich's program of genocide is absurdly disgusting. It's not only untrue, but does the huge injustice of distorting the real horrors of what Hitler actually did to not just Jews, but millions of other human beings as well. The comparison has the effect of distorting the collective memory of the Holocaust (the Shoah). So, why am I doing a "Chicago Aldermen as Nazis" series? Here's why: Because I love throwing it back at the liberals, mainly. (They love to dish it out, but they don't take it well. It's time to throw their Alinksy tactics back in their faces.) Because they did not condemn the Nazi remarks by Ald. Solis. Mayor Daley is fair game because he did nothing at the time nor has he condemned the "Nazi" and "final solution" statements since. And finally, the best reason: Because they're such bastards. RELATED: Chicago Aldermen As Nazis, #2 In Series Chicago Aldermen As Nazis, #3 In Series Read Arizona's SB1070 Immigration Law It's Okay For Liberals To Do This Top Racist Democrat Quotes Pelosi And The Swastikas Are Conservatives and Veterans Terrorists? USSR--Genocide and Mass Murder Dick Durbin Equates US Soldiers to KGB, Nazis and Khmer Rouge