Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day, Dan Proft

Being a father is a sacred trust and a blessing from God. Being a father is not just a joyful responsibility. Actually having a father and knowing him, having him be a part of your life, is also a blessing. What a shameful thing it is for a man to ignore a child that is his. Dan Proft knows this first hand, so we wish him a special "happy Father's Day."

One of Dan Proft's favorite sayings is, "We need to invest in families." I'm sure he means time and love, in addition to other peoples' tax dollars. Proft frequently says that we should all "respect life." He means that he's anti-abortion, of course, but I'm so sure that he also means that children who are already born and leading their young lives should be respected, too, and that their fathers should be there at every step of the way. To merely allow someone to be born and then to abandon them, after all, is not very respectful.

Dan Proft is the guy who placed sixth in the Illinois Republican primary for governor back in February. He claims to a "conservative" and is even referred to (although often with snickering) as "the ultra-conservative Dan Proft." Proft calls himself an "unapologetic conservative." As such, I'm sure, he knows and cherishes the meaning of being a good father. He was an adopted child, after all, and therefore knows first hand just how horrible it is for a child to not have one's real father in his or her life.

"Our most important right is the right to life," Proft said on his campaign website. "A respect for life means more than defending the unborn, it requires us to serve those born to disadvantageous circumstances and to find them loving homes for them. Thirty-seven years ago, I was adopted by parents who made the choice to welcome me into a loving, caring home. There are many children today who need stable homes, and those children, and the families that welcome them will have no stronger advocate in the governor’s office than me. According to the Dave Thomas Foundation, 60% of Americans have been personally touched by adoption. I am glad to say that I am a product of that happiness today."

As a student of social trends and current affairs, Dan Proft must be well aware of the fact that growing up without a father is one of the leading causes of juvenile deliquency and, later, a life of crime and/or academic failure. That's not to say, of course, that all fatherless children turn out bad, but the fact is that a disproportionately high number of them do.

Proft promised that - if elected governor - a Proft Administration would "Defend life from conception to natural death." I'm oh-so-sure that he must have also meant that a good father would do that for his own child, and not just leave that sacred duty to the government - or anybody else.

I'll bet that Dan Proft, as a Christian and a conservative, remains celibate and would never think of sleeping around. No sir, not Dan Proft. He's pure as the driven snow, you know, and that's why you should hang on his every word, whether he's speaking at a VFW hall or as a regular commentator and talk show host on WLS 890 AM.

Proft noted that it "is entirely natural for parents to want the best education possible for their children." Not just education, of course. I'm very certain that Dan Proft means that parents want the best of everything possible for their children. I'm sure that if he had a beautiful young daughter he'd want the best for her. Proft would want to see her grow up, to make sure she's studying, getting along well with other kids, dreaming the right kind of dreams, setting the right kind of goals. If Dan Proft had a daughter (hypothetically, of course) he'd be proud to publicly escort her to the opera and show her off. He'd want to be at her high school and college graduations, and eventually to walk her down the aisle at her wedding. If he had a son (again, hypothetically), Proft would want to play ball with him, do the graduation routines, and teach him to treat women with respect and dignity, and to always do the right thing. Right?

So, happy Father's Day to Dan Proft, a guy whose biological father was not in his life but was fortunate enough to be adopted into a loving household with both a mother figure and a father figure. See how well Dan Proft turned out? He's an inspiration to all of us, no? Remember: Any animal can sire a litter of offspring. It takes a real man to be a dad. I have no doubt that Dan Proft, and you and I, will remember our fathers - our dads - on Sunday, June 20.

"To a father growing old nothing is dearer than a daughter." ~Euripides