Friday, June 25, 2010

Beat The Democrat Machine In IL-7th State Senate District

Help Adam Robinson defeat Machine Candidate Heather Steans in the 7th Illinois State Senate District. Let's throw out Steans, a Blagojevich crony who was hand picked by the Machine and its operatives. Steans and her husband Leo Smith contributed at least $180,000 to Rod Blagojevich over the years. Some estimate it to be over $200,000. Indeed, Steans is one of the Democrats who enabled Rod Blagojevich. You want "change?" Here's your chance, people. Visit Adam's website, learn about him, and consider clicking on that "Donate" button to help this guy go up against the big money vested interests of the Machine. Also see: Adam Robinson on Facebook and Adam Robinson on Twitter (@adrobins) Adam writes: Over the past several months, I’ve heard one consistent theme from people throughout my district – CUT THE WASTE. The majority of residents support my plans to implement zero-base budgeting in this state, and to place a statutory cap on spending increases. Voters also agree that the time has come to stop wasting taxpayer money on bureaucracy and bloat, and start focusing our limited resources on essential services like education and social services. Despite a $13 billion budget deficit and some $5 bill in unpaid bills from last year, state lawmakers opted to head home for the summer without taking any substantive steps to avert a complete financial meltdown in Illinois. Can you imagine running your household finances like Springfield manages your tax dollars? Read more here... Heather Steans has been part of the bad management in Springfield. It's time to fire her. RELATED: Heather Steans still taking money from Health Insurance companies Heather Steans Lies About Hubby's Blago Connections Sen. Heather Steans Lied on Her Resume Videos of Jim Madigan Owning Heather Steans See Heather Carry Water For The Machine. Contributions from Heather Steans & husband to Rod Blagojevich (pdf) Heather Steans' Husband Goes Nuts in a Gay Bar Flashback to Elder and Smith on Heather Steans Senator Heather Steans, For The Children