Sunday, May 23, 2010

Two Kids Fall From Church Window in Chicago

Two 6-year-old girls fell out of the window of a building this morning in the Rogers Park on Chicago's far north side, reports Chicago Breaking News. Just past 10:00 a.m., it is reported, the girls "fell from a window of a building that is located behind the United Church of Rogers Park, 1545 W. Morse Ave. The children were taken to Children's Memorial Hospital with leg injuries, but their conditions weren't immediately available, according to the Chicago Fire Department." The building from which they fell is in a portion of the United Church of Rogers Park that is leased to St. Mary's Ethiopian Orthodox Church. They might just as easily have been injured walking up the steps to the Ashland Avenue entrance of the church. As you see in our photos here, those steps are in serious, long-term disrepair. In the photo to the left, a local mentally-challenged man attempts acrobatics on them with his bicycle. In the photo below, members of the church walk down the unsafe steps. We reported on these unsafe conditions of the United Church of Rogers Park back in June of 2009, but here's a fresh report today: Chicago Breaking News quotes a member of United Church's board as saying, "Two of the kids found their way to the stairwell and out of the eyes of their parents," and that the kids "unlocked a window on the landing where they were playing." He said the girls fell into a concrete courtyard. There is a big sign on the Morse Avenue side of the church that says "This Congregation Rejects War." We dare say that more people have been injured in the United Church of Rogers Park by non-warfare incidents than otherwise. RELATED: Rogers Park Man Was Murdered ABC7 Chicago