May 21, 2010

Texas Board of Ed Decision Impact Will Be Minimal

Will American school children now be saved from textbooks filled with Leftist propaganda? Maybe, sort of, little by little, for a while anyway. Don't be overly optimistic about this news. Last night, the Texas Board of Education made a historically significant decision. Robert Moon reports at In a stunning break from the standard public "education" protocol of relentlessly brow-beating children with leftist misinformation against America, white people and Christianity, Texas has forced the textbook industry to start including multiple sides of the story. Through intense negotiations and petty partisan bickering, the Texas Board of Education (which has a huge influence over how textbooks are written in the U.S.) has reversed the trend of erasing our Founding Fathers from the curriculum--a core part of the leftist agenda... The Texas text book decision, however, will have minimal immediate impact nationwide. Even as the Texas Board of Education was meeting yesterday, there was a communist indoctrination happening on a Chicago Community Colleges (CCC) campus. The "Social Justice Student Expo" was a brazen display of communist and socialist propagandizing and youth recruitment by the far Left, with the full blessings and accomodations of the CCC. Grade schoolers, high schoolers and college students were encouraged to attend. So while it's nice that some text books will be brought back from the Leftist clutches, the real problem remains: Leftist teachers and professors will continue to spew their Leftist ideology in classrooms. Events like the "Social Justice Student Expo" will continue. The film and music industries will keep putting out Leftist messages. After decades of Leftist propagandizing in public schools and universities, there are already many millions of Americans whose political sympathies are closer to Mao and Stalin than to Jefferson and Franklin. The Texas Board of Education decision of May 20, 2010 is something to celebrate, but it isn't big enough to merit opening the champagne.

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