Sunday, May 30, 2010

Shame On You, Pamela Geller (Atlas Farts)

Last night's odd encounter between Obama's Secret Service detail and Nation of Islam bodyguards will also be distorted by some irresponsible bloggers. Pamela Geller, for example. What a disappointment. I used to be a fan of Pamela Geller. No more. Geller writes a very popular conservative blog called "Atlas Shrugs," and she posted this amazingly inaccurate headline on her blog today: "Atlas Exclusive: President Obama Skips Arlington to Spend Memorial Day with Louis Farrakhan amidst Nation of Islam Thugs." The only thing "exclusive" about that post, which draws on a pooled press report, is the way that Geller twisted the facts to conform to her hatred for Obama. Hey, I'm no fan of Obama, and I love to jab him on my blog. But I don't intentionally lie about him, as Geller did in her post. Note to Geller: You do yourself no favors in the Credibility Department when you badly and intentionally distort facts. Obama did NOT "spend Memorial Day with Louis Farrakhan," as you wrote. As we see from the Jackie Calme pool report that you yourself quoted from, Obama was at a friend's home that happens to be near the Farrakhan house. Shame on you, Pamela Geller. In writing such hysterical distortions you do a disservice to all other conservative bloggers.