May 21, 2010

Video Proof of Communists Indoctrinating Chicago School Children

Che Guevara: Psycho-killer beloved by the Left
May 20, 2010 - VIDEO BELOW - Beneath a “Revolucion” flag with the image of Che Guevara, a DJ played music for the kids in the big gymnasium. A hand made poster on the wall behind him said “Stop Raid Now Legalization.” Despite the bad spelling and grammar, the pro-illegal immigrant message was clear. These folks do not like America, and one of the best ways to bring down any nation is to destroy its borders.

This was part of a shockingly blatant day of communist indoctrination at a Chicago City Colleges (CCC) facility. Hundreds of Chicago students of all ages were invited into a day-long display of revolutionary communist propaganda at the “Social Justice Student Expo” in one of Chicago’s community colleges on the north side on Thursday, May 20.

Presented by Chicago Youth Initiating Change (CYIC), the event had the full blessing of CCC. Communist and socialist literature and artwork were displayed and offered in the Dave Rowland Sports Center on the campus of Harry S Truman College, 1145 West Wilson Avenue in Uptown. Posters told students that “Without Mexicans America Ain’t Nothin” and praising Che Guevara were on the walls.

Vendors sold stickers that were pro-Hugo Chavez (“Boycott ExxonMobil Buy Citgo”), anti-military (“Recruiters Lie Don’t Enlist”), and (believe it or not) stickers urging that we “Impeach Bush/Cheney.” Yes, it’s 2010, but they still want those impeachment hearings.

Many of us are aware of the decades-long efforts by the far Left to propagandize students of every age. We know that many others often do not believe us when we talk or write about it. Here, however, is proof that is undeniable.

No reasonable person could have walked through that expo without seeing it for what it was: Another attempt to indoctrinate young minds to be anti-American, anti-capitalist, and very pro-Communist. The CYIC even has a handy “Classroom Action Guide” for teachers posted at the expo’s website and also on YouTube. CYIC describes itself, in part, this way:

“Chicago Youth Initiating Change (CYIC) is a grassroots organization that brings together youth and teachers from diverse racial, economic and geographic backgrounds to create an educational space to explore social justice issues and carry out social justice initiatives. CYIC is a student and teacher led organization comprised of a wide array of Chicago area public, private, alternative, and charter school members.” See their full “About Us.”

Other items included pro-illegal immigrant books, buttons, shirts and stickers. The book “No One Is Illegal” was for sale, right next to a book titled “The Communist Manifesto - A Road Map to History’s Most Important Political Document.” To CYIC and its supporters, this is all standard fare.

CYIC describes the expo as being “set up like a science or history fair, only students (with support from their teachers) present social justice work that they have done in their classrooms, after-school programs, or community youth organizations. For example, students may present research projects that they conducted in their classrooms on equity in education, gentrification, or environmental racism. Students may also present their work organizing in their schools or communities on issues such as the Iraq War and military recruitment, school closings, or affordable housing.” 

Not a word about reading, writing or arithmetic. The reason is simple enough: The CYIC is really not about “education.” Rather, it’s all about furthering a far Left agenda by means of recruiting children into their cause. Their cause, from all appearances, is the destruction of American society as we know it and to replace it with a communist system.

Another table offered copies of International Socialist Review magazine. Another table displayed fliers urging students to “Build a Wall of Resistance - Don’t Talk to the F.B.I.” There were displays about the Atlantic slave trade (they just can’t let that go in Obama’s “post racial America”), gay power, and more.

A Malcom X display called him “The Liberator of Black Rights.” That odd phrase seems to ignore the fact that Malcom X liberated nothing whatsoever. It was Martin Luther King who brilliantly used a constitution created by white men over 230 years ago to bring full civil rights to Black Americans.

The Malcom X display ignores the fact that the 1964 Civil Rights Act was made possible not only by King’s insistent marching, but by the hundreds of thousands of white men who died in a civil war that brought down the Southern states’ slave economy. Lest we forget, the Civil Rights Act was pushed by President Lyndon Johnson, a Democrat, but was passed only because the Republicans in Congress supported it and outnumbered the many Democrats who voted against it.

But such is the memory of the communist and socialist crowd. The revisionism of history by the old bosses of the now-extinct Soviet Union is legendary. Those bosses, of course, were communists of the same mindset as those who presented the “Social Justice Student Expo” at Truman College on May 20.

On the night of May 20, the Texas Board of Education made a historically significant decision. Robert Moon reports at
In a stunning break from the standard public "education" protocol of relentlessly brow-beating children with leftist misinformation against America, white people and Christianity, Texas has forced the textbook industry to start including multiple sides of the story. Through intense negotiations and petty partisan bickering, the Texas Board of Education (which has a huge influence over how textbooks are written in the U.S.) has reversed the trend of erasing our Founding Fathers from the curriculum--a core part of the leftist agenda...
Texas text book decision, however, will have minimal immediate impact nationwide. After decades of Leftist propagandizing in public schools and universities, there are already many millions of Americans whose political sympathies are closer to Mao and Stalin than to Jefferson and Franklin. Even with Texas-approved text books, socialist teachers and professors will continue to spew their Leftist ideology in classrooms.

The late Senator Joe McCarthy (R-WI) warned us about this. It’s too bad that McCarthy wasn’t more skilled at public relations. Perhaps enough of us would have listened to him back when it was still not too late. Many others have tried to warn us as well. It's not too late to wake up, is it?


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