Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pollak Calls Out Schakowsky on Health Care

"If the health bill was so great, why are you trying to fix it?"

So asks Joel B. Pollak, who is running against Rep. Jan Schakowsky for the as the Republican nominee for U.S. Congress in the 9th district of Illinois. The question, of course, is aimed at Schakowsky. Pollak posed the question in a hard-hitting blog post to voters on May 12. He wrote this:

Health care reform was never Rep. Jan Schakowsky’s goal. The real aim, as she stated so openly, was to create an entirely government-controlled health care system and to “put the private insurance industry out of business.” Never mind that five of the top ten employers in Illinois are private insurance companies, and that destroying them would kill at least 56,000 jobs (and probably far more). Total control was always the goal.

Pollak is right, and Schakowsky has essentially admitted it previously. When she gave her now-infamous speech on April 27, 2009 to the Health Care for America Now rally (see video), she came right out and said that a lifelong goal of hers has been the destruction of "the private insurance industry." (See page 2, second paragraph of the transcript at right; click to enlarge.) Power lust and a deep hatred of the private sector are the primary motivations for Schakowsky and many of her fellow Democrat incumbents.

Pollak's post continued:

How else to explain the fact that she voted for $500 billion dollars in cuts to Medicare, and voted to get rid of Medicare Advantage coverage for 121,000 seniors in Illinois ? How else to explain the fact that she voted to jeopardize the future of Social Security by using new payroll taxes to pay for new health costs? How else to explain the fact that she voted for a bill whose costs begin now but whose benefits are delayed for years?  Read the rest of Pollak's post on his blog.

Pollak will be a guest on the Don Wade and Roma Show, WLS 890 AM, on Friday, May 14 at 6:34 a.m. He will discuss his reflections on the nomination of Elena Kagan by Barack Obama, among other topics. I'm sure the health care bill issue will come up, too. Pollak will speak at a rally on Sunday, May 16 in Morton Grove, IL (click on the flyer here for details).