Updated: Marcy Cruz Pleads Guilty To Attempted Murder for Brutal Bucktown Bat Attack

Evil Incarnate: Marcy Cruz
Update, October 22, 2013 - Bat-beating trial jurors hear defendant's jailhouse recordings - Suspect in Bucktown attack says in phone conversation he needed money for drugs, reports the Chicago Trib.

Update, July 10, 2013 - Three years ago, we called Marcy Cruz a "rabid dog." Yesterday, she pleaded guilty to two counts of attempted murder for her part in a brutal attack in Chicago's Bucktown neighborhood on April 23, 2010.

Cruz, 28, is one of two people accused of the 2010 baseball bat attack in Bucktown, in the 1800 block of North Damen Avenue. Cruz pleaded guilty on Tuesday, July 9, 2013 and will testify against her co-defendant," reports ABC-7 Chicago.

The two counts of the attempted murder against Cruz are for part in the attack on Stacy Jurich, then 24, and Natasha McShane, then 23. 

The bat attack caused severe brain damage to McShane, and she returned to her homeland in Ireland for brain surgery. She was in Chicago to study urban planning. McShane still "cannot speak beyond mumbles and she cannot walk or take care of herself," said a friend quoted by DNAInfo.

Marcy Cruz (Cook County Sheriff’s office)
Cruz's sentence is a mere 11 years in prison for each count, and to add insult to injury  her sentences will be served consecutively. Cruz must serve at least 85 percent before being eligible for parole, reports ABC-7.

11 years is not nearly long enough in our opinion, but at least this dangerous b*tch will be off the streets for a decade or more. We can only hope that she gets the living hell beaten out of her while in prison, just badly enough that when she's released she will be in a vegetative condition. In an ideal world, her sentence would have been longer, but in a plea deal she agreed to testify against co-defendant and fellow scumbag  Heriberto Viramontes, 34.  Viramontes has felony convictions for burglary and possession of a stolen vehicle, and about 30 other arrests on his record, reports CBS-2 Chicago. His trial is scheduled for September 9, 2013.

Earlier report: "No Pity For Rabid Dog Marcy Cruz"

May 4, 2010 - Edwin Cruz wants you to pity a rabid dog. It's not the rabid dog's fault, you see, that it has rabies. The rabid dog is Edwin Cruz's daughter Marcy (photo, CPD mugshot), accused of being the accomplice in the savage and cold-blooded attack on two women in Chicago on April 23, 2010. Cruz says his daughter Marcy is mentally ill and was off her prescribed medication.

Rabid Dogs: Marcy Cruz and Heriberto Viramontes
Call us cold hearted, but we really don't give a damn. If fact, we think Marcy Cruz should be executed along with accomplice Heriberto Viramontes. Here's why:

Two women, Natasha McShane, 23 and Stacy Jurich, 24, were brutally beaten with a baseball bat Friday, April 23 at about 3:00 a.m. They were walking in the 1800 block of N. Damen Avenue. Both victims were struck in the head with a wooden bat. McShane is still in a medically-induced coma and in critical condition. She is a UIC grad student from Northern Ireland who came to Chicago four months. Stacy Jurich, 24 was released from the hospital last week. (Post Script, July 12, 2011: Natasha McShane was flown home to Ireland for more brain surgery.)

Two suspects were quickly arrested by Chicago Police: Heriberto Viramontes and Marcy Cruz, boyfriend and girlfriend. Viramontes, say the police, swung the bat into the skulls of the two young women. Marcy Cruz, it is said, stayed in their van smoking dope while her man Heriberto went hunting for purses. Chicago police say they were able to find the two by tracking cell phones and credit cards stolen from the victims. ABC7 Chicago reported that "A follow-up investigation also reportedly included surveillance video recorded as the credit cards were being used. Police said they found other items belonging to McShane and Jurich when they searched the suspect's homes. Officials said they also have the bat."

Irish Central reports that Assistant Cook County State's Attorney Erin Antonietti said, "Cruz pointed out the potential victims to Viramontes after he told her he needed 'quick money for drugs.' Cruz told police that she 'smoked a blunt' of marijuana before the attack took place." When Cruz spotted Natasha McShane and Stacy Jurich, she said to Heriberto Viramontes, "look at all those drunk assholes coming out of the bar." Police also said they tracked down the suspects after they used cell phones and credit cards stolen during the attack.

Now, Marcy's father wants us to pity her. Chicagoist notes that "the father of Marcy Cruz, the female half of the couple being held in the late-April bat beating of two women in Bucktown, has come to her defense, saying Cruz is mentally ill and was off her prescribed medication. Saying that his daughter is bipolar, Edwin Cruz put a lot of the blame on Heriberto Viramontes, the man accused of wielding the bats in the attack: 'This guy, well, he was a manipulator. He's good with ladies, he's got sweet talk, he's got green eyes, he's pretty boy.' Both Cruz and Viramontes have been charged with aggravated battery and armed robbery for the attacks. 'It's very sad. It hurts all of us,' said Edwin. '(But) I don't think she should be (incarcerated). … She's not all there in her mind.'" 

Cruz: One sick b*tch
Edwin Cruz wants us to believe, apparently, that all bi-polar people who stop taking their meds lurk in vans waiting for the right victims to pulverize and rob. Cruz claims his "mentally ill" daughter is really a sweet kid, and blames the bad boyfriend Viramontes. He seems in denial about the fact that his lovely daughter was hanging out with a vile scumbag, with an arrest as long as, well, a baseball bat.

According to NBC5 Chicago, "His rap sheet includes convictions for possession of a stolen motor vehicle, burglary and domestic battery, Cook County court records show. He also has a conviction for possession of a controlled substance, police said. His current stay in the jail is his 19th time in the facility."

Cruz the father claims that daughter Marcy did the bidding of Viramontes because he's "good with the ladies." Yeah, especially while he's swinging a baseball bat. Most "ladies," by the way, do not hang out and do the bidding of guys who behave as Viramontes allegedly did. Perhaps Daddy Cruz is unaware of the fact that his daughter is something of a looker herself, leaving open the possibility that Viramontes was actually the one acting under sexual influence. Is it not possible that Marcy Cruz was the "manipulator?"

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Papa Cruz says his daughter should not be behind bars because "she's not all there in her mind." Perhaps he's unaware of the fact that there are plenty of people who are "criminally insane." The fact that she might be crazy does not change the fact that she is a danger to other people.

Let's say you're walking down the street, and you're lucky enough to be carrying a gun. You turn a corner and find yourself confronted by a growling dog, foam oozing from its mouth, a crazed look in its eyes. You realize the dog is rabid, out of its mind. You back off and try to get away, but the dog starts running toward you.

You have a split-second decision to make. Do you (a) draw your gun and shoot the insane beast before it kills you or infects you with rabies, and perhaps other people too, or (b) show compassion and pity for the poor thing because you know it is not in control of its own actions due to the rabies.

The second choice, of course, might be fatal. You shoot the rabid dog, and you are not required to show remorse for having done so. It was self defense, and the dog no longer poses a threat to anybody else.

Marcy Cruz is an (allegedly) rabid dog who needs to be put down. To excuse her (allegedly) criminal behavior on the grounds of being off her bi-polar meds is to insult millions of law abiding bi-polar people who do not associate with criminal scum and then urge them to go crack skulls to bring back stolen booty.