Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"Let Candidates Endorse The Tea Party Movement"

A wise and measured statement from Tea Party Nation about the U.S. Senate race in Nevada. This was sent as an email to TPN members on May 21, 2010 (emphasis added): Our friends at Tea Party Express a few weeks ago chose to endorse Sharon Angle in the Republican Senate Primary in Nevada. This morning, I read where they are now citing a poll, claiming that Danny Tarkanian, another great conservative candidate is in third place and calling for him to leave the race. At Tea Party Nation, we have taken the position that where there are multiple conservative candidates, we should not make an endorsement. We should have the candidates endorse the Tea Party Movement. At Tea Party Nation, we do not consider asking a conservative candidate to quit a race to be an appropriate thing to do. Especially when this comes from a national group. Nevada has many good Tea Party groups and any call for a candidate to withdraw should come from those groups who are familiar with local politics, not a national group. The citizens of Nevada are fortunate to have a number of good choices to replace Harry Reid. These include Danny Tarkanian, Sharon Angle, Chad Christiansen, and Bill Parsons. This statement should not be read as a civil war in the Tea Party Movement. The folks over at Tea Party Express are our friends. They were kind enough to invite Tea Party Nation to join them at the huge event in Searchlight, NV and we believe their hearts are in the right place, just not their strategy. Our theme at Tea Party Nation, as we go into the convention, is unity. This movement must be united to win this fall. We do not think having a national Tea Party group come in and pick someone as “the tea party candidate” is the right way to go about this. Let the people decide for themselves who is the best “tea party candidate” and once that decision is made, then we can all rally behind them in unity. Visit Tea Party Nation's website.