Thursday, May 27, 2010

Guardian Angels Patrol Chicago Beaches While Dealing With Troubled Iowa Chapter

With an Iowa chapter in trouble, Chicago's Guardian Angels have begun patrolling Chicago's northside lakefront between Fullerton and North. They will, of course, be wearing their trademark red berets and white t-shirts. NBC5 Chicago has an good report about the lakefront violence earlier this week. WGN TV reports today that the Angels are already on the Chicago lakefront beat: Following eight arrests made Monday night along Chicago's lakefront and concerns about safety, the Guardian Angels began patrolling the area Wednesday night into this morning. Chicago police arrested six teens and two adults after responding to a fight, the assault of a jogger, and a gang-related shooting that happened Monday night in a span of three hours between North and Fullerton Avenues along the lakefront. The Guardian Angels began patrolling the lakefront last night between North and Fullerton Avenues, but said they'll respond anywhere problems crop up. Legal trouble in Iowa: The Guardian Angels are, no doubt, sincere in their desire to curb violence, but are also happy for the good public relations in Chicago in the wake of the current controversy about one of their chapters in Iowa. Four members of the Davenport Guardian Angels were recently charged "in connection with an alleged assault of a Davenport man. Among his injuries, a broken arm snapped in three places," reports WQAD in the Quad Cities. The Davenport chapter is overseen by the Chicago chapter, and Chicago Guardian Angels are patrolling there, says WQAD, until new local recruits can replace them. More from WQAD with a video report... RELATED: Chicago Guardian Angels takeover Davenport chapter‎ WQAD Davenport Angels In Court‎ KWQC 6 Guardian Angels Taken Off Davenport Streets‎ The Right Perspective Guardian Angels official site