Monday, May 10, 2010

Dan Proft Sics His Lawyer On Me...

My May 8, 2010 post about Dan Proft has been removed involuntarily and under threat of legal action. Dan Proft did not like what I posted about him, and he had a lawyer send a letter to me demanding that I remove it (see it below). I'll play Proft's silly little game - for now. All of the original text of that post has been removed, and the headline altered. I believe that to be in compliance with the spirit of the letter from Proft's attorney. All that remains there is a note that the post was deleted, with a link to this post. The html code for that May 8 post has been saved. So now, we watch and wait. The code is ready to be reinstalled at a moment's notice. Ironically, the story that this deleted post is based on continues to develop, and we didn't start it. We only reported the startling claims of another person against an important Illinois political figure. Late this evening (May 10, 2010), that person (our source) said that Proft has not demanded that she remove her post from her Facebook page, which was posted before my May 8 blog post. Although the attorney's letter demanded that I remove the post right away (although you'll notice she did not give any deadline), she agreed by phone this afternoon to give me until midnight tonight. (It is now 11:58 p.m. by my clock.) Her letter, below, is filled with bizarre assumptions and wild misinterpretations of the post. This ain't over, folks. (Out of concern for my legal situation, comments will not be accepted on this post at this time.)