Wednesday, May 19, 2010

CPD Supt. Jody Weis, Fun With Numbers

Of course, you're just as dead no matter where you're killed. Chicago's Top Cop, however, thinks there's a difference. Why else would he create statistical categories for "indoor" and "outdoor" killings? The answer, of course, is politics. "This reeks of desperate statistical manipulation," writes Second City Cop. Peter Bella pokes Jody Weis, the buffoon also known as the Chicago Police Superintendent. Despised and resented by many CPD officers, Weis is an overpaid tool of the local Democrat Machine. He's Mayor Daley's lap dog in a crisply press police uniform, but Daley is so pleased with his performance that he is "suggesting" that Weis take a pay cut from his current $310,000 annual salary. Bella is a former police officer himself, so he's no stranger to this topic. He writes: Weis, in his professional capacity as court jester, has determined there will now be two types of murder in Chicago. Insdide murder and outside murder- innies and outies. He must be reading those famed police publications, Sports Illustrated and the Victoria’s Secret catalog. Fun with numbers, right? These classifications will give the perception the murder rate is not as high as it actually is. The city is not as dangerous as it really is. Voila! Eureka! Brilliant! The people will sleep much better now, knowing there is no longer need for rough men to protect them. If you have the sad misfortune to be killed indoors, you can rest assured- and in peace- you are not the victim of a vicious human being. Nope. You were the victim of a statistical anomaly. Read Bella's full post at ChicagoNow... Makes you feel better doesn't it?