Sunday, April 4, 2010

US Rep Phil Hare Trips Over His Own Ignorance and Lies

Congressman Phil Hare (D-Illinois) is a liar. He's also an idiot. He's a lying idiot, in fact, and the videos below prove it. On April 2, 2010 a video of Hare was posted (see it below), in which he was asked by a blogger about the constitutionality of the health care bill that was recently passed. "I don't worry about the Constitution on this, to be honest," he said, "I care more about the people that are dying every day that don't have health care."

The video, and Hare's admission to violating his Constitutional oath, immediately got national attention. Hare has since put out his own video, which is a brief and very lame "explanation" of what he told the blogger. As in the blogger video, Hare lies in his own response.

What Hare and other Democrats do not seem to care about is the oath to uphold the Constitution, taken by every member of Congress, which does not allow exceptions to be made. Would Hare also favor unconstitutional legislation to completely ban automobiles because of  "people that are dying every day" in car crashes? That would be unconstitutional, too, but it idiots like Hare could use the same excuse "about the people that are dying every day" for such a law. What Hare and his ilk have done, quite simply, is to take the law into their own hands like a bunch of vigilantes.
WGIL Radio reports: The congressman representing the Galesburg area is once again on YouTube; but this time, he's trying to clean up the potential damage created by the last time he was on YouTube. 17th District Congressman Phil Hare has posted a video to his own YouTube page where he again tries to explain what he said following a town hall meeting Thursday in Quincy. Bloggers and even some radio talk show hosts have claimed Hare said he doesn't care about the Constitution.

WGIL quoted Hare: "I said, and I quote, 'I am not worried about the Constitution on this,' meaning, the health care bill," Hare said. "I was not worried that the health care bill would be ruled unconstitutional. If it had been, I wouldn't have voted for a bill that I knew would be unconstitutional."

Hare, however, admitted to the blogger that he doesn't know how (or if) the health care bill fall within constitutional limits.

BLOGGER: Where in the Constitution does it give you -
HARE: (interrupts) I don't know -.
BLOGGER:  - the authority to -
HARE: - I don't know.

Congressman Hare has shown that he's willing to make exceptions to the Constitution for his favored bits of legislation. That's what he said. What other Constitutional exceptions is he - and other legislators - willing to make? Hare is like a drunk driver who gets ticketed for DUI, then tells the judge that he's really a law abiding citizen in most cases, but he's just not worried about how well he drives while boozed up.

Hare's response:

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