Friday, April 30, 2010

Raul Grijalva, The Cowardly Arizona Congressman (Video)

He just couldn't answer a straightforward question. Instead, this cowardly Democrat just walked away without a word.

Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) was asked if he was "committed to sealing the border against the influx of illegal drugs."  He muttered, "I..." and then walked away. It was as though all of the mush in the Democrat's brain froze solid, instantaneously. has the video, and reports that Grijalva eventually stopped, turned back toward the young interviewer and shouted that the question was "punkish."

Here's what's really "punkish." Grijalva was elected to represent everyone in Arizona's 7th District. He is blatanly concerned, however, with the welfare of only some of his constituents - and it's entirely race based. Grijalva was one of the first to call for a - get this - boycott of Arizona, his home state. He (and other Democrats and similar fools) have no problem in punishing many of the good people of Arizona in order to protest a law that they do not like. Grijalva seems not to have taken into account these facts: A boycott of Arizona will hurt everyone in that state, directly or indirectly, regardless of their race, ethnicity, legal status, height or soda pop preference. Rather than try to mitigate harmful effects on his own state and district, this pig of a man wants his own state to suffer. He has said so himself, and in fact he is leading the calls for a boycott.

"The one-time community organizer didn't really care that Arizona has an 8% unemployment rate or that boycotting conventions would force more people onto the dole," says an editorial at Investor's Business Daily. "Using the signature Alinskyite tactics of the community organizer he once was, the law had to be fought at "a political, legal and economic level," he said. Aside from a boycott, he also wants the federal government to stop cooperating with Arizona, a move he says "would render much of this legislation moot and ineffective." 

Grijalva "represents" Arizona's 7th Congressional District. That includes Tucson, the "urban center" of the district.  "The southern boundary of District 7 coincides with 300 miles of the US/Mexico border. Only Texas’ 23rd district has a longer stretch of the southern border," according to Grijalva's website.

Like most Democrats, Grijalva seems to be obsessed with race. His website notes that "The population within the district is predominantly working-class families, from a variety of ethnic and racial backgrounds. The majority of Tucson’s Hispanic, urban Native American and African-American residents live in the 7th congressional district." Grijalva doesn't bother to tell us about any other ethnic groups, however.

Grijalva notes that "District 7 is also home to 7 sovereign nations: the Ak-Chin, Cocopah, Colorado River Indian Tribes, Gila River, Pascua Yaqui, Quechan, and Tohono O'odham," but what about people of Asian or European decent? Nothing. Apparently, the "variety" that Grijalva refers to is not so varied. No Chinese, German, Swedish, Japanese, French, Vietnamese, Polynesian, Pakistani, or ... well, you get the idea, and you probably find it hard to believe that the only folks living in Arizona's District 7 are Native Americans, African Americans and Hispanics. That's the mindset of Grijalva, however, who walks through life with racist blinders on.

"Grijalva's stance mirrors the party line of the radical left," Investor's Business Daily says. "And it is they who still command his loyalties, not the Arizona voters he's sworn to serve."

Perhaps you've heard this before, but this item from The Pilot bears repeating: "Arizona has something approaching 500,000 illegal aliens in the state — nobody knows for sure. It is the main highway for drug traffic from Mexico, as well as the primary corridor for illegals to enter the United States. Phoenix is known as the kidnapping capital of the country, as drug lords decimate each other’s families. Lots of peaceful citizens are, at the low end, harassed, and, at the high end, killed, by all this activity. Hospitals and schools are overwhelmed with people they cannot afford to treat and educate."

Those are the inconvenient facts that the Alinskyite Democrats do not want to deal with. They prefer to walk away from them, as Rep. Grijalva did in so cowardly a fashion.

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