Friday, April 9, 2010

Michelle Obama's Two-Fer. No, Three-Fer. Uhm, It's a Four-Fer Video.

You get a two-fer in this video (below) of Big Mouth Michelle Obama. First she says, that HIV testing is "plaguing our communities." Wait, we get a three-fer here. HIV testing is a good thing, nyet? So her second gaffe was saying that HIV testing is "plaguing" communities. Okay, her third gaffe was to say that the "plague" of HIV testing is - hold on now - "due to homophobia." Huh? Wouldn't "homophobia" prevent HIV testing? Say, this is actually a four-fer! Her fourth gaffe: "Ah, Barack has lead by example. When we took our trip tuh [to] Africa and visited his home country in Kenya, ah, we took a public HIV test." Whoa, didja catch that? "His home country in Kenya," she said. This acid trip of a video is followed immediately by a public service poster about HIV testing, courtesy of iOwnTheWorld. (If you don't look at it, you will be branded as a homophobic racist birther.)

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