Saturday, April 24, 2010

Local Media Finally Catch Up to Us on Cohen's Run For Guv Story

April 24, 2010 - The big boys just can't keep up with us, I guess. Six days ago, on April 18, Chicago News Bench reported that Scott Lee Cohen will run for governor as an independent. Not "might," will. While some other blogs and some newspapers were speculating that he might, we reported that he absolutely planned to run. We cited William J. Kelly as our source.

Today, CBS 2 Chicago, ABC 7 Chicago, The Chicago Sun-Times, WJBD Radio, WLS Radio and The Chicago Tribune are reporting it as "news."  Only the Huffington Post had the professional courtesy to acknowledge our scoop on this major story.  On April 18, we reported this:

Chicago News Bench has learned that Scott Lee Cohen (photo, left) WILL run for governor - as an independent. (Note, 4/19/2010: We stand by everything in this post.) Rumors about this have been circulating for several days now, but a man in the know told us late this afternoon that Cohen told him two weeks that he will run. That man: William J. Kelly...

Eat my dust, Mainstream Media.

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