Monday, April 12, 2010

The Hateful, Racist Mayor of University Park, IL

We reported on April 8 that Rev. Isaac Hayes, the Republican candidate for Congress in the 2nd District of Illinois, was rudely ejected yesterday by Mayor Alvin McCowan of the Village of University Park, Illinois, without explanation, from a private networking event for politicians and candidates at the University Golf Club. Hayes was invited to the event and was not crashing the party. Mayor McCowan is a Democrat who, apparently, does not believe in fair and equal access to public facilities, even for invited guests.

Warner T. Huston follows up today (April 12) on the whacky story about the spat between McCowan and Hayes: "Mayor McCowan is still name calling and mouthing off about this whole thing, it seems. The Hayes campaign released a message from McCowan that shows how much of a creep McCowan is. It starts with punk-act name calling and race baiting, too."

Both Hayes and McCowan are African-American. McCowan is a Democrat, however, and so he just couldn't resist pulling the race card on Hayes. McCowan's email (full text below) puts his poor grammar and racist attitude on full display (emphasis added).
Someone is so desperate for news that the fabricated messages persist. So I suppose Hayes’s white campaign leaders can just come into UP and be disrespectful and talk to the mayor in a disparaging tone and that’s suppose to be acceptable. Then they use the Black press to bring down real Black leaders who have not sold out as Hayes has just to try to get elected. Another Allen Keyes. Stop being blinded. UP has continued to lower its taxes and will this year have the lowest tax rate in its history. At the same time we have not laid off any of our people as other towns have done. We will have added 400 new jobs in our industrial park. 70 million dollars of infrastructure and road projects. As for the Golf Club that was a necessary purchase to protect our future growth plans for housing, jobs and economic development. If I could have gotten this board to listen we may not be in a fight with Frankfort to protect our western boundary. It seems a lot of these attacks are of a personal nature with no real foundation. Hey, continue with the unfounded allegations if you wish. I am going to continue to lead my town in a manner that ultimately advances my people.
Huston commented, "What a cretin. Glad this race-baiting jerk is taking the high road, eh? Sheese. And this guy is an elected official!"  (No wonder the Democrat Party's symbol is an ass.)

After receiving McCowan's email, Hayes released his own response:
“I am saddened by the hate speech from a sitting Mayor who is more interested in the politics of personal destruction than apologizing for leaving his meeting to interfere in a unrelated, private event. Racial slurs such as “sellout” and “another Alan Keyes” have no place in the public discourse. This only reinforces my complaint that I was discriminated against because of my political views. My campaign continues to receive apologies from University Park village officials and support from the Mayor’s very own constituents. Both groups communicate their lack of surprise in his behavior, because they have also dealt with his thuggery..." (See the full text of the Hayes' response at his blog.)
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