Thursday, April 1, 2010

FULL VIDEO, Crazy Driver Slamming Into Cop Cars at Crime Scene (Updated 2x)

The big Chicago media showed a few seconds of this on TV last night, but WE HAVE THE ENTIRE SCENE AS CAUGHT ON VIDEO (SEE IT BELOW). Chicago News Bench secured a copy of the entire incident from an amateur videographer last night, but the mainstream media cannot show it in its entirety. We, however, can. Chicago News Bench obtained the amateur video from a witness while we were photographing the scene.

UPDATE, APRIL 3: We found ANOTHER VIDEO of the scene. It's shorter, but offers another angle of the stolen car as it crashes into parked and police vehicles. See it below, under our video.  *** Also see WGN's report, but note this: Their video only shows a few seconds of the scene. WGN also faked something: They took audio from one amateur video (our first one below) and inserted it over that of another amateur's video (the second one below). Shame on WGN for their misrepresentation, and for not showing the full video of the crash scene as we do. See "WGN's Unethical Video of Stolen Car Crash" ***

APRIL 1, 2010 - (Updated) - CHICAGO - Background: Around 7:30 on March 31, a fight between two residents of the Carlton Apartments at 4626 N. Magnolia, Chicago resulted in a bloody stabbing in front of the building. The Carlton is in Chicago's Uptown neighborhood, near Truman College. Chicago police officers responded and set up their investigation.

Just past 8:00 p.m., a man driving a stolen car accidentally drove into the crime scene, only to find the car suddenly surrounded by a lot of police officers. The police were chasing the stolen car "for at least half an hour" before it turned off of N. Broadway, onto W. Leland, and then onto Magnolia.

In the videos below, police officers yell at the female passenger to get out of the car. She refuses, and the male driver puts the car in reverse and rams into police vehicles and cars parked nearby. Chicago News Bench was told this morning that there were "two kids" in the back seat of the car. Police were told by a sergeant on the scene to hold their fire. The sergeant told the officers, "baby on board."

Officers surround the car again, again yelling at the woman; and the man then drives over the curb, onto the sidewalk and gets away. Chicago News Bench also learned this morning that the car was initially abandoned "somewhere on Montrose," a few blocks south of the crime scene. There, a flatbed truck from Lincoln Towing hauled the car away, but the police still did not know where the car was. Minutes later, the truck was pulled over by police who recognized the car on the flatbed and ordered the driver to deposit the car at the intersection of N. Clark and W. Wilson. The police then spent "at least an hour" combing through the car for evidence.

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Below: Another video, this one by
Pikadroo. "Stolen Car Slams into Cop and Parked Cars in
Chicago Uptown/Sheridan Park Stabbing Crime Scene."

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