Saturday, April 3, 2010

Disappointment Drives Democrats to Tea Party Movement

This will come as no surprise to Tea Partiers. Two excellent reports from CNN (yes, CNN!) and The Washington Post (yes, WaPo!) tell of Democrats who are not at all happy with the direction that their party has taken, and are less than enchanted with Comrade Barack Obama. They are so disgusted, in fact, that they are joining - gasp! - the Tea Party movement.

First, the the CNN report:
Some Americans who say they have been sympathetic to Democratic causes in the past -- some even voted for Democratic candidates -- are angry with President Obama and his party. They say they are now supporting the Tea Party -- a movement that champions less government, lower taxes and the defeat of Democrats even though it's not formally aligned with the Republican Party.

No tepid Coffee Party USA for those folks. CNN quotes one of the disgruntled Democrats:

"I think we've gone too far on the side of government doing too much," Ducket said. "The Democratic Party is wanting to take care of everyone, instead of helping everybody stand on their own two feet."

While I'm happy that Ms. Ducket and others like her have seen the light, I must say that I wonder what the hell took them so long to realize that the Democrat Party has not been interested in helping anybody "stand on their own two feet" for many decades....

Meanwhile, at The Washington Post:

The perplexing irony of Barack Obama's presidency is that even as conservatives attack him as a crazed socialist, many on the left are frustrated with what they see as the president's accommodationist backtracking from campaign promises.

Neither CNN nor WaPo are known as bastions of conservative ideology. To see articles of this tone in either of them is surprising, if not downright stunning. It says as much about Obama's public relations problems as any of the "disgruntled Democrats" could.

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