Thursday, April 8, 2010

205 Photos of Tea Party Express in Rockford IL on April 6

The weather cooperated nicely. Heavy storms in the morning broke by 10:00 a.m., giving Tea Partiers plenty of time to drive into Rockford, Illinois for the Tea Party Express. Here are some of my photos, in a slideshow below. It was a great crowd. (Photo, L-R: John Ruberry, Andrea Shea King, Tom Mannis, by W.T. Huston)

A Rockford police officer told me, "We're here to protect you guys. I wish all the crowds were this nice." Yep, no hate speech, no flag burning, and no litter. Everybody was welcome. 

Great reports on the event from friends Marathon Pundit (John Ruberry) and Publius' Forum (Warner Huston) and Radio Patriot (Andrea Shea King). I'll have a commentary in another post.

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