Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tea Party Express in Rockford IL, April 6 (Updated)


Tea Party Express on April 6 in Rockford, Illinois
 Join us for the biggest Tea Party Express national tour to date for one of only two stops in Illinois. On April 6th at 1 pm in Rockford, Ill (home state to President Barack Obama and Senator Dick Durbin and, of course, Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan) the Tea Party Express will stop in Rockford on the Tea Party Express Tour, taking the Tea Party message across the nation and all the way to the White House in Washington, D.C. on April 15th.

"You, the politicians in Washington, have failed We The People with your bailouts, out-of-control deficit spending, government takeovers of sectors of the economy, Cap & Trade, government-run health care, and higher taxes! If you thought we were just going to quietly go away, or that this tea party movement would be just a passing fad, you were mistaken. We're taking our country back!"

This family-friendly rally encourages all citizens who want lower taxes and less government to participate by bringing their American flags, patriotic attire, and signs to display the spirit of the Colonial Patriots of the 1775 Boston Tea Party, which lead to American Independence July 4th, 1776. Re-affirm your commitment to our Constitution and our freedoms by being part of this energizing event on Tuesday, April 6th, 1:00pm, at Davis Park 329 S. Wyman Street in Rockford.

Guest Speakers include: Adam Andrzejewski Former IL Gubernatorial Candidate; Denise Cattoni, Coordinator Illinois Tea Party Patriots; Joe Walsh, 8th Congressional District Candidate, IL; Jim Tobin, President, National Taxpayers United of Illinois; Zach Oltmans, President Illinois Conservatives; John Bambenek, The "Put Back Amendment" Author; Rosanna Pulido, former 5th Congressional District Candidate, IL, Lex Green, Libertarian Party Gubernatorial Candidate and William Kelly Former Candidate for Comptroller.

RockfordTeaParty will also have a food drive to replenish the Rockford Food Pantry Coalition from 1 pm until the Tea Party Express Busses leave at 4:30.

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Source: Press Announcement March 23, 2010
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