Ron Paul Supporters Aiding Coffee Party USA

There are wackos in every group, and the Coffee Party USA (CPUSA) has more than its fair share. Another group with the same quality: Ron Paul groupies. So, are there Ron Paul supporters in CPUSA? Most likely. But are there influential Ron Paul loyalists who are influential within within CPUSA? Probably. Do they wish harm to the Tea Party movement? Undoubtedly, as the videos below demonstrate.
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Many Ron Paul loyalists are under the tragic delusion that they started the Tea Party movement. Wrong. Granted, there was a Ron Paul events that were called "tea parties" in a monumental display of hyperbole, in November and December, 2007 - but they were nothing more than fundraising events for Paul's 2008 presidential campaign. While highly successful, they did not start a movement. They were money-bombs and demonstrations specifically in support of a single political candidate, period. Ron Paul's supporters' claims that they were the first to stage a "tea party" since the original in 1773 is pitiful: In July, 2007 there was a "tea party" in Indianapolis "to protest out of control government spending, 34% property tax increases and a 65% local income tax increase." No mention of Ron Paul. Quite a few claim that "Ron Paul is our leader of the Tea Party not Sarah Palin," which only exposes their ignorance of the Tea Party movement. It has no leader, but they share this incorrect view with liberals and Democrats. Neither Ron Paul nor Sarah Palin are "the leader" of the Tea Party movement. In fact, it's ignorant of the Ron Paul folks to call it "the Tea Party" without the word "movement" immediately following. It is, after all, a movement and not a party. Keep in mind that many Ron Paul devotees also believe that the world will end in December, 2012 and that aluminum foil really does prevent the government spies in black helicopters from reading what's left of their minds. Given all that bitterness and halucinatory thought, it shouldn't be surprising that many Ron Paul followers should find a home in CPUSA. They share the Left's thinly veiled, anti-Semitic, paranoid disdain for neocons. (Michael Rubin wrote that "If neocons were agents of Likud, they would have advocated an invasion not of Iraq or Afghanistan but of Iran, which Israel considers to be the biggest threat to its own security." Source). We see this nonsense displayed in the first video below: In the second video, below, a very confused "former Ron Paul supporter" named Jesse explains why he joined the Coffee Party USA: RELATED: Former Ron Paul Volunteer joins the Coffee Party - The Daily Paul Video: Ron Paul is our leader of the Tea Party not Sarah Palin Leave a Comment * Conservative T-Shirts * Follow CNB on Twitter * RSS Feed