Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Final Push for Illinois Put-Back Amendment

For months, the campaign for true reform of Springfield has taken heart in every county in the State of llinois. Voters on all sides of the political spectrum are fed up with the culture of corruption in Springfield. The Put-Back Amendment provides the only constitutional way to reform state government without waiting on entrenched political insiders to “permit” reform to take place.

The Put-Back Amendment is the only amendment which enacts term limits for legislators, ends gerrymandering (where politicians draw maps to ensure their reelection), ensures fair elections with crucial reforms to end political games in keeping people off the ballot, and decentralizes legislative power so no longer will the two legislative leaders have complete control of the legislature.

Click to learn what the Put-Back Amendment does. 

Thousands of signatures have come in from every corner of the state, but more work remains to be done. First, thank you for all your hard work. No politician, lobbyist or power broken will make the Put-Back Amendment a reality. It takes concerned voters like yourself who gather signatures at home, work, church and school.

Now we enter the final weeks of the effort. For this amendment to make it on the ballot, we need 500,000 signatures. All petitions MUST be post-marked by April 19th. This is a new deadline to allow for gathering signatures at events around the state between now and April 17th. Health carry rallies (for or against), tea parties, civic groups or anywhere people gather is an ideal place to get signatures.

Help get the word out on Facebook, Twitter and your social networks. Please join the Facebook Fan Page by clicking here.

It comes down to you. You can help bring real reform to the state of Illinois or the status quo will prevail. I remain confident in you, the every day citizen, to rise to the occasion and say “ENOUGH!” Together, we can bring to an end the era of corrupt Illinois politics and bring a better future for our children.

Remember, we need to have 500,000 signatures postmarked NO LATER THAN April 19th. You can download petitions here.

Please consider a donation to the effort to offset costs of printing, postage and other expenses. No one is being paid to support this effort but we do incur costs. Donations of $100, $50 or even $25 go a long way. Please donate here via PayPal.

Again, thank you for all that you do. If you have any questions feel free to ask.


John Bambenek
Principal Author of the Put-Back Amendment

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