Thursday, March 25, 2010

Did George Bush Wipe Cooties on Bill Clinton?

This is Bush-hating at is worst - or best, depending on your sanity level. The rapid Bush bashers have allowed themselves to become so consumed with hatred that they have become, quite literally, delusional. For many, their hatred of George W. Bush has become a psychosis. The video below, of Presidents GW Bush and BJ Clinton in Haiti, has become a focal point for Bush haters far and wide. On Monday, March 22, Bush and Clinton walked past a group of friendly Haitians, shaking local people's hands. They each probably shook hundreds of hands that day. At 49 seconds into the video, Bush is seen shaking somebody's hand, then putting his hand on Clinton's right shoulder, immediately followed by a downward swipe on Clinton's shirtsleeve. Tens of thousands of Bush hating morons, like Brad Pareso at, are viewing the BBC video of the "incident" on YouTube. Pareso, a "journalist," wrote about Bush that "When he was a little kid, mama Laura told him that girls and Haitians have cooties. That’s why, in this video from a trip to Haiti with Bill Clinton, he wipes his hand on the former president’s shirt sleeve after shaking hands with some earthquake survivors." Somehow, I doubt that Pareso really know what Bush's mother may have told, or not told him, about cooties. Pareso does not explain, of course, how he came into that knowledge, nor does he explain how he could know Bush's true reason for putting his hand on Clinton's shoulder, and then stroking his hand downward along Clinton's upper arm. Perhaps Pareso is telepathic and can use that ability to focus on a man's thoughts from hundreds of miles away. If so, he doesn't say. Was Bush wiping his hand on that sleeve? Or did he, as most of us do from time to time, simply making a friendly gesture to a friend? Even if W did wipe his hand on Clinton's sleeve, how does that compare to Clinton wiping himself on a blue dress? Leave a Comment * Conservative T-Shirts * Follow CNB on Twitter * RSS Feed