Monday, March 29, 2010

Comrade Obama's Socialist Celebration, April 3

The following email was blasted out by Comrade Barack Obama's propaganda machine, Organizing For Amerika (OFA). Dear Leader Barack wants all of you to spontaneously jump for joy and squeal like communist pigs on Saturday, April 3 to celebrate his regime's success in throwing the nation under the socialist bus. The email is signed by Jeremy Bird, OFA's Deputy Director. He says that the event, which will happen in cities nationwide, is to thank OFA volunteers for all their hard work to help the Democrats nationalize health care. Bird, however, forgot to include a free drink coupon. Thanks for all your hard work, comrades, now go buy yourselves some drinks! There is no word yet if any Coffee Parties will spontaneously host their own celebrations (but they're too busy doing nothing while they try to figure out what the Coffee Party's mission really is). Here's that email:

This past week, we saw what change looks like. And now, it's time to celebrate.

After a year of non-stop work from OFA volunteers like you -- reaching out to friends and neighbors; going to countless phone banks, town halls, canvasses, and rallies; placing millions of calls and emails to Congress; and so much more -- health care reform is now the law of the land.

Congratulations on making history -- and thank you!
To celebrate the biggest legislative accomplishment in generations, OFA is holding health reform celebration events across the country -- and there's one near you in Chicago on Saturday, April 3rd.

Can you join us, to celebrate this amazing achievement? Here are the details:

What: Health Reform Celebration Event
Where: [Joey's Brickhouse] 1258 W. Belmont, Chicago, IL 60657 [MAP]
When: Saturday, April 3rd
Start Time: 8:00 PM

If you can't make it to that celebration event, see if there are others in your area or sign up to host one of your own.

OFA volunteers and staff will get together to talk about what we just did, and we'll watch a video that some folks here are finishing up now.

We've all worked hard, and there's more hard work to do. But sometimes, we all deserve a moment to just kick back, enjoy what we've accomplished, and appreciate the people we accomplished it with.

I hope you can join us in Chicago on the 3rd. RSVP here.

This was a long, hard fight. Thanks for being there to the finish, and for making it happen.

Jeremy Bird
Deputy Director
Organizing for America

OFA Health Insurance Reform Celebration and Thank You event ...

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