Friday, March 26, 2010


UPDATE, MARCH 27, 2010 - South Korea rules out navy ship sunk by North Korea (Reuters) - South Korea on Saturday [March 27] all but ruled out the chance that North Korea was involved in the sinking of one of its navy vessels near their disputed border.... "Given the investigations by government ministries so far, it is the government's judgment that the incident was not caused by North Korea, although the reason for the accident has not been determined yet," a senior government official was quoted as saying by Yonhap news agency. Full Article here... Also see: South Korea says must check reasons for ship sinking March 26, 2010 - Within the past 24 hours, very disturbing news from a very disturbed part of the world: North Korea has made very strong threats of nuclear war against both the U.S. and South Korea. North Korea has made similar threats previously, but today we also get reports that North Korea may have torpedoed a South Korean naval vessel. "Those who seek to bring down the system in the DPRK (North Korea)... will fall victim to the unprecedented nuclear strikes of the invincible army," a General Staff spokesman told the official Korean Central News Agency... Source: AFP/GoogleNews South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency is reporting that a South Korean naval vessel sank with a crew of 104 "off of the island of Baengnyeong in the Yellow Sea on March 26. Based on size and crew displacement it is likely either an Ulsan-class guided missile frigate or a Po Hang-class corvette. The incident took place between 9 and 10 a.m. local time." Source: The BBC: "The South Korean ministry of defence has not confirmed the reports of North Korean involvement. There were reports that another South Korean ship had fired shots toward an unidentified ship in the North following the alleged torpedo attack." More at BBC... Because of security concerns, South Korea is not giving out a lot of information. The situation is not entirely clear and different stories are coming from many sources. The Bangkok Post reports that "South Korea's navy opened fire Friday at an unidentified ship in the Yellow Sea near the North Korean border after one of its own ships was sunk, Yonhap news agency said." The combination of the North's threat of nuclear attack and the sinking of the South's naval ship makes this situation more alarming than either would be separately. RELATED ARTICLES: South Korean Navy Reportedly Shoots at Unidentified Ships Near North Korea FOXNews S. Korean Naval Ship Sinks; Presidents Convenes Security Meeting BusinessWeek Report: South Korean navy ship sinking near North Korea CNN (blog) Korean War? Reason Online (blog) Navy ship sinking in West Sea after explosion Korea Herald Leave a Comment * Conservative T-Shirts * Follow CNB on Twitter * RSS Feed