Friday, March 26, 2010

Body of Missing David DelCiello Identified

March 26, 2010 - We are saddened to learn that the search for David DelCiello, missing since November, ended with the idenfication of his body, which was found on a private beach in New Buffalo, Indiana. Chicago Breaking News reports that a "body discovered on the Lake Michigan shoreline in New Buffalo, Mich., earlier this month is that of a Chicago man reported missing in November, authorities said today. The body, found on March 16, has been confirmed to be that of David DelCiello, according to New Buffalo police, who could not confirm a cause of death but said no foul play is suspected." Full story... DelCiello's body was found on Tuesday, March 16 but remained unidentified until today. WSBT TV 22 (Mishawaka, IN) reported on March 16 that New Buffalo Police Chief Larry Pitchford "said an autopsy is being conducted .... in an attempt to determine if there were any outward signs of trauma. Police have not determined a cause of death, but are looking into the possibility that it was a drowning case from last year." Pitchford said the body was partially buried in the sand and "had likely been dead for months because of its decomposition." According to WSBT, DelCiello's body was discovered at "about 11:50 a.m. Tuesday, March 16 in the 800 block of North Drive, about a 100 yards west of the New Buffalo Yacht Club. Pitchford said the body was about 12 to 15 feet from the water’s edge. As we reported on December 14, 2009: David DelCiello was last heard from on Nov. 21, 2009 between 3:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m., when he phoned his father "in a panic" from his apartment at 2630 N. Hampden Court. Family, friends and Chicago Police want your help in finding him. DelCiello is 6' 2", 140 pounds, brown eyes and hair, and "fair complexion." (Note that the correct spelling of his last name is "DelCiello," no space with a capital "C".) According to a post on the Nancy Grace blog at CNN, "Dave was last seen Nov. 20, by his father, when he boarded a city CTA bus to head home between 10 am and 11 am. He was last heard from in the early morning hours of Nov. 21, around 4 a.m., when he called his parents in a panic, worried that someone was going to break in and take the belongings in his apartment." (Source: Nancy Grace CNN, cached) A mutual friend named Michael phoned me on the evening of Dec. 14 to alert me about David DelCiello's disappearance, and he gave me some information that does not seem to be anywhere else. Michael, who I've know for four years, grew up with David DelCiello. "I've known him pretty much all of my life," Michael told me. He said that the last time he spoke with David was on Nov. 7 and "he seemed okay." The last time he heard from David was on Nov. 20, when David left him a voicemail. "He sounded normal then, too," Michael said, "I didn't have a chance to return his call before he disappeared." According to Michael, David DelCiello's medications were left in his apartment. This is possibly very important since one just doesn't take off without taking their important meds with them. In addition, Michael reports that David lost his wallet the day before he disappeared. This is important too. If (hypothetically) David DelCiello is wandering around with amnesia, or might now be an unconscious "John Doe" in a hospital, nobody coming in contact with him would know his name or how to contact his family. David had been living in an apartment located behind a recording studio that he owned until July, 2009. Three Pear Studio, Inc., located at 5219 North Clark Street (just north of W. Foster Avenue) went out of business in July, 2009. After the studio closed, David moved to an apartment in Lincoln Park at 2630 N. Hampden Court. That's where he was last seen, on Nov. 21, 2009. Leave a Comment * Conservative T-Shirts * Follow CNB on Twitter * RSS Feed