Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Are You Sick of Right-Wing Rhetoric From Those "Tea Baggers?"

A great post today by Warner Todd Huston, friend and contributer to CNB, over at his Publius' Forum blog today. Warner reminds us, with his sardonic humor, that the Left's criticism of Tea Partiers as violent thugs is darkly amusing. He included a killer video (below). Here is an excerpt:

I am about sick to my stomach over all the ill-tempered protest signs and the over-the-top rhetoric from all these “tea baggers,” man. It’s a good thing that the left is so patriotic and level-headed. Why THEY would NEVER act like morons, half-wits, and the unhinged.

Read Warner's post here, and check out this related post by Warner: A Little Reminder of the Left’s Unhinged Hatred.

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