Thursday, February 25, 2010

Update with Photos of Broadway Wilson Shooting

UPDATE, FEB. 26: Two Suspects Held in Uptown Shooting of Feb. 25 February 25, 2010 - At approximately 4:17 p.m., at least two people were shot at a crowded intersection in Helen Shiller's 46th Ward of Uptown. More photos below. A young woman, standing with a number of other people at a bus stop, took a bullet in her leg as she stood across the street from Truman College in Chicago's Uptown neighborhood this afternoon. Her infant, next to her in a stroller, was unharmed. The woman's lost a lost of blood immediately, and standersby applied clothing and cloth to her to stem the bleeding. A friend of the woman, with her at the bus stop at the time of the shooting, took custody of the baby as fast-responding paramedics took her to Illinois Masonic hospital. According to police scanner chatter, and from I overheard on the scene from police officers, the woman is African-American and "late teens or early twenties." She was reportedly in stable condition. The woman seems to have been an innocent bystander who got caught in yet another gang-related shooting in Uptown near the intersection of N. Broadway and W. Wilson, half a block north of Alderman Shiller's ward service office. At least five shots were fired this afternoon. Click map and images to enlarge The shots originated from the northeast corner of the intersection and traveled westward, across Broadway, where at least one bullet struck the young woman, who stood about 20 yards west of the northwest corner. Police radio chatter said that "six casings" were found at 4601 N. Broadway, in front of City Sports clothing store. I saw five casings when I arrived on scene. The second shooting victim, a male, also suffered a leg wound. Police, on their radio frequency, said that he jumped into an SUV which reportedly drove west from the shooting scene. It is unknown at this time whether the second victim was a standerby or a participant in the violence. Lorraine Swanson reported this evening that "a source" called her and said "that a student from Uplift High School called the 23rd Police District to say that the Vice Lords and Gangster Disciples were going to fight on Broadway between Montrose and Wilson." At approximately 3:30 p.m., wrote Swanson, the same source called again and said that police had broken up a rival gang fight near Wilson and Broadway. It is not known at this time whether there is a connection between the gang fight at 3:30 and the shooting at 4:17. RELATED: Woman Shot at Wilson and Broadway - Lake Effect News Leave a Comment * Conservative T-Shirts * Follow CNB on Twitter * RSS Feed