Saturday, February 6, 2010

Scott Lee Cohen's Ex-Wife DEFENDS Him on WTTW

The Democrat Party insiders are pressuring legally-elected Lt. Governor candidate Scott Lee Cohen to remove himself from the ticket he legally shares with Gov. Pat Quinn. They claim he's an embarrassment and not fit to be on the ticket. They have launched a full-blown slur campaign against a guy who has gone through tough times and turned himself around. He has never been convicted of any of the charges they can dig up in his past. To hear the Democrat Party of Illinois, Cohen's ex-wife hates him . Newsflash: Cohen's wife defended him and supported him in this amazing interview on WTTW (video below). It is becoming more clear every day that Cohen is being shunned by The Machine because he's not one of their own. Now they're trying to destroy the character of a man who has had troubles in the past, but he's worked them out. He is divorced, but his ex-wife goes on TV and defends him. He owns a pawn shop, which loans money to people outside of the systems and sells merchandise at low prices, both of which help the downtrodden. To remove Scott Cohen is to slap everyone who voted for him. Even Chicago Mayor Richard Daley - a Democrat - refuses to call for Cohen to step aside. According to Fox Chicago, "Daley called the whole Cohen situation a 'constitutional dilemma,' but said neither he, nor any newspaper, nor anyone in Illinois could ask Cohen to resign just because they 'don't like him anymore.'" I'm not sure why Daley would consider the Cohen Affair to be a constitutional dilemma when there is nothing in the state's charter that prevents Cohen from either running for the office or holding the office. Even so, Daley's point is clear: Cohen should not be bullied off the ticket. The Democrats have more than their share of corrupt and sometimes convicted members. Compared to many of them, Cohen is a Boy Scout. Shame on the Democrat Party of Illinois for attacking a man who has every legal right to remain on the ticket, and shame on the people if they allow them to force him out or buy him off. Cohen should be demanding that Quinn leave the ticket, because it is Quinn who is acting dishonorably in all this. It is ironic, coming from a political party that claims to be so concerned about giving people second chances and preaches compassion and equality. Apparently, those values apply only to dues paying members of the Machine. Leave a Comment * Conservative T-Shirts * Follow CNB on Twitter * RSS Feed