Thursday, February 25, 2010

Loudmouth Jody Weis Get Shot Down

Chicago Police Supt. Jody Weis said he wanted to charge those responsible for this burglary with murder in the death of Sgt. Alan Haymaker. The third-generation police sergeant died early Monday morning when his car left Lake Shore Drive near Irving Park, as he sped southbound en route to a burglary in Wrigleyville. Weis got shot down big time today by Cook County States Attorney Anita Alvarez's Office. Weis said early on that "Under Illinois statutes it appears they could be charged with murder... that is something I think that we'll be looking at with the state's attorney's office," as the Chicago Tribune reported, "But I think it's something that we certainly will consider." "It appears?" What did the former FBI agent base that on? A guess? Wishful thinking? A poorly qualified legal "expert" on his CPD staff? A statement today from Alvarez's office said that "There is not a sufficient legal basis to charge the offender who has been arrested in this case with felony murder charges in connection with the tragic death of Sgt. Haymaker. While we certainly understand the pain and anguish felt by the Chicago Police Department in the wake of this tragedy, the states attorney's office does not have the evidence that would be required to meet the burden of proof to sustain a felony murder charge." Weis needs to think before he speaks. Murder charges aside - in fact, the entire burglary aside - Weis needs to re-examine the Lake Shore Drive ice issue, too. He contradicted CPD's Assistant Supt. James Jackson, who said on Monday that "icy road conditions were a factor" in Haymaker's death. (Source: Sun-Times) Meanwhile, the long-burning issue of lousy squad car maintenance has been rekindled anew by the death of Sgt. Haymaker. There are allegations that the tires on his car were treadworn. We've yet to hear a public statement from Weis about that. Dangerous, patchwork squad cars pose a deadly threat to officers and to the public at large all year round, regardless of the weather or road conditions. And while we're feeling bitchy, when the hell are Chicago's police officers going to get a contract? Also See: Suspect will not face murder charges in cop's death Is Supt. Weis Betraying Cops for Political Reasons? Leave a Comment * Conservative T-Shirts * Follow CNB on Twitter * RSS Feed