Tuesday, February 16, 2010

IL Senate Hearings to Ban Red Light Cameras "Within Two Weeks"

It looks as though the Valentine's Day protest against Red Light Cameras was effective. We've also got an exclusive statement from Adam Robinson, here. Let's turn to a press release from protest organizer Scott Tucker: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PR Log (Press Release) – Feb 16, 2010 Springfield, IL, February 16, 2010 – The Illinois State Senate Transportation Committee Chairman, Senator Martin Sandoval (D-Cicero), today [Tuesday, February 16, 2010] established a Subcommittee on Red Light Cameras. Senator Sandoval promised, in the record, to hold public hearings within two weeks on SB 2466, a bill to ban red light cameras statewide. Asked for comment, Scott Tucker, GOP candidate for Illinois’ 11th State House District, said, “I have personally called to thank Senator Sandoval for not burying this bill, and for his commitment, in the record, to hold public hearings on SB 2466, which would ban these cameras statewide, within the next two weeks.” “I think Senator Sandoval showed a lot of courage today. I think it’s clear that the machine would prefer the status quo when it comes to red light cameras, but that voters are not willing to accept a business as usual attitude when it comes to red light cameras in our state,” Tucker said. “I think our Valentine’s Day protest, two days ago, was right on-time. We drove thousands of phone calls to Senate President John Cullerton, Senator Sandoval, and to Mike Madigan. And it’s important that we continue to hold these legislative leaders accountable in banning these cameras,” Tucker continued. “We can ban these cameras statewide, but we need folks to call State Senator Martin Sandoval, who’s the State Senate Transportation Committee Chair, at (708) 656-2002, and thank him for his support of SB 2466 to this point. And please remind him that we expect public hearings on SB 2466 as promised in the record today,” Tucker said. CONTACT: Scott Tucker Candidate for Illinois’ 11th State House Voice: 773-230-2682; Fax: 773-327-2842 Scott@TuckerMailServer.com OTHER CONTACTS FOR THIS STORY: Senator Martin A. Sandoval (D), 12th District, Senate Transportation Committee Chair, (708) 656-2002 Senator Dan Duffy (R), 26th District, author of SB 2466, (847) 277-7100 Senator John J. Cullerton (D), 6th District, President of the Senate, (773) 883-0770 Barnet Fagel, National Motorists Association, (847) 420-3511 RELATED: Robinson State Sen. Campaign Comments on Transportation Committee's Decision on SB 2466 Slideshow of Red Light Camera Protest, Chicago, Feb. 14 Video of Red Light Camera Protest in Chicago Leave a Comment * Conservative T-Shirts * Follow CNB on Twitter * RSS Feed