Monday, February 15, 2010

Evan Bayh Does Not Love Congress - Who does?

by Brian Williams February 15, 2010 - The United States Junior Senator from Indiana shocked the political world today. Evan Bayh, a centrist who was considered an easy win for Democrats in November, announced this afternoon that he would not seek reelection to Congress. "My decision should not reflect adversely upon our president," said Bayh. How accurate is that statement? Bayh - a big time Clinton supporter - was never a fan of the President, although he was on the short list for Veep. However, Bayh's retirement announcement today is the biggest slap in the face to Liberals and Barack Obama that he could give without actually doing so. Bayh's waiting until the last week for candidates to file before dropping out is the one of the biggest insults to the White House possible (the filing deadline according to the Indiana Secretary of State's website is Friday the 19th at noon). The only thing missing was a one finger salute to the Democratic Party. What else should be interpreted from Bayh's announcement? Check out this line from the former Indiana two-term governor, "I am an executive at heart." Bayh has $13 million dollars in his war chest. Is this retirement announcement merely foreshadowing to a second run for the Governor's office? More inquisitive: is Bayh going to take a shot at the liberal wing of his party and challenge the president in 2012? In December of '06, Bayh had his own exploratory committee for the '08 election. Maybe that came from the encouragement provided in 2000 by President Clinton, "I hope and expect some day I'll be voting for Evan Bayh for President of the United States." As a conservative from the "Crossroads of America", I can only hold open the door for Bayh as he walks out. I only ask one question of the soon to be former Senator: Why, at the expense of fellow Hoosiers, did it take you over a decade to discern your distaste for Congress? Crossposted at: Loyola Republicans RELATED: Bayh's No-Run Press Release Leave a Comment * Conservative T-Shirts * Follow CNB on Twitter * RSS Feed