Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chicago Media Screwing Up on Dead Cop Story

Update, Feb. 24: Funeral Details for Sgt. Alan Haymaker Update, Feb. 25: Man Charged in Burglary That "Killed" Sgt. Alan Haymaker What kind of morons do the local media hire? Every one of the mainstream media - including Fox Chicago News - keep saying that Sgt. Alan Haymaker was killed when his car "slid off an exit ramp." That's wrong. Not only is that completely incorrect, the imbecile reporters actually show photos that contradict their own words. Fox Chicago News, for example. In what seems to be an otherwise good report on Tuesday night, the Fox anchor speaks over a picture of the crash scene, which clearly shows that the car went directly from Lake Shore Drive onto a grassy area where it crashed. Even as that is shown on screen, the anchor says that "his squad car slid off an exit ramp," but in the background you can see the ramp, which was obviously missed by the car. It wasn't even close to entering the ramp as my own report showed on Monday night. My own photos, like the one at left, were posted Monday night and show that Sgt. Haymaker's car was never on the exit ramp (see more photos here). Why is it so difficult for the mainstream media to report such a basic fact of this story correctly? Leave a Comment * Conservative T-Shirts * Follow CNB on Twitter * RSS Feed