Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bob Beckel and Scott Lee Cohen Both Have PPP

Scott Lee Cohen is not the only guy in the news with PPP: Past Prostitute Problems. Liberal commentator Bob Beckel has PPP, too. The Illinois Democrat Party is freaked out about Scott Lee Cohen and his alleged relationship to a woman they claim was a prosititute. Cohen, who won the Democrat primary for Illinois' Lieutenant Governor on Feb. 2, is now by law the running mate of incumbent governor Pat Quinn. Cohen, by the way, claims that he thought the former girlfriend was simply a massage therapist. The irony here is so rich that it's positively artery clogging. The prostitutes and whores who run the Illinios Democrat Party sell themselves to the highest bidders as a routine matter of conducting business. Just as Illinois State Senator Heather Steans, for example. You think Rod Blagojevich was an exception? Nah, he was just dumber than most of them and got caught. To call Cohen unfit to run because he once had a relationship with a prostitute is the height of hypocrisy, even if by analogy and metaphor. The liberal media are hypocrites, too, as typified by Bob Beckel, one of the most annoying men ever to disgrace himself on America's television screens. Why Beckel is a frequent guest on Sean Hannity's show at Fox is beyond me, but there he was on Monday, February 1, falsely calling journalist Hannah Giles a "ho." For those of you in Kankakee, "ho" is slang for "whore," which is slang for prostitute. Lori Ziganto, a fine journalist herself, wrote this about that on For those who didn’t see the show, the creepy Bob Beckel called Hannah Giles, Queen of the awesome ACORN take-down, a Ho during his Monday night appearance on “Hannity.” Yes, THAT Hannah Giles, the beautiful young woman who pretended to be a prostitute in those ACORN sting videos. Giles herself wrote a wicked response to Beckel's slur against her, and posted it at In the summer of 2002 Beckel came to know 20-year old “Tiffany,” a professional hooker who, after establishing a business relationship with him, attempted to extort $50,000 in exchange for her not exposing their relationship to his ex-wife and employers. Whoa! I mean, Ho! Beckel was involved with a whore, uh ho, uh prostitute, uh sex worker. I guess his involvement with an actual prostie disqualifies him from ever running for public office as a Democrat in Illinois, because the virtual prosties at the Democrat Party couldn't possibly have someone like him disgracing their untarnished reputations. Columnist and CNB contributor Warner Todd Huston wrote about the criminal nature of Illinois politicians in January, about three weeks before Cohen won his primary race: Illinois has had three governors sent to prison and a fourth, Rod Balgojevich, waiting to find out if he will become the next to take up residence behind bars. The “Land of Lincoln” has had over 80 legislators sent to prison since the 1970s. But Cook County deserves special recognition for its corruption and criminal politicians.... Full post at American Conservative Daily The Christian Science Monitor had a good report about the sliminess of the Illinois political sewer in late 2008: Three of the state’s seven previous governors have been convicted and served time. Since 1971, by one count, 31 Chicago aldermen and some 1,000 public officials and businessmen have been convicted. “We’re the corruption capital of the United States,” says Dick Simpson, a political scientist at the University of Illinois in Chicago and a former Chicago alderman, who maintains that state corruption count. “We have more [corruption] even than New Jersey and Louisiana, which are our competitors.” Bob Beckel and Pat Quinn will continue disgracing themselves by committing character assassination on people who are not corrupt, or not as corrupt, or no more corrupt, than many of the lawmakers who currently sit in the Illinois Legislature, the Chicago City Council and the Cook County Board of Commissioners. God forbid somebody like Scott Lee Cohen should want to stand next to the squeaky clean, non-corrupt, anti-vice Illinois Democrats. Somebody might get dirty. RELATED: Glenn Beck on Jan Schakowsky's Robber-Baron Husband New Madigan Mailer Slams Steans for Blago Ties and Lying Campaign Flyer Links Steans to Blago Pay-to-Play Scandals involving leaders of the Democrat Party Chicago News Bench: Ricky Hendon, Race Baiting Clown Sen. Heather Steans, Money Whore Leave a Comment * Conservative T-Shirts * Follow CNB on Twitter * RSS Feed