Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Action Alert: 500,000 Signatures Needed to Reform Illinois

Feb. 17, 2010 - Can you get just one petition sheet filled for the Put-Back Amendment in the next six days? You'll be helping to make an important amendment to the Illinois state constitution a reality! Download a petition sheet now (pdf). 500,000 signatures seems like an insurmountable obstacle to get reform on the ballot in November, but it seems bigger than it really is. All it takes is concerned citizens like you to fill out one sheet of signatures at a time. At 15 signatures on one sheet, it isn't much effort at all to ask friends and family to sign. In the next six days, the amendment's authors are asking people to get just one petition sheet filled out and send it to them by February 24, 2010. If we want to fix Illinois government, it's up to each of us. One sheet isn't too much to ask to end the culture of corruption and the games in Springfield, is it? Download the petition sheet, print it out and go get 15 signatures. They could be coworkers, family members, people at the coffee shop, anybody. Think of the new friends you'll meet. Once done, have the petition notarized, then send it to 715 Erin Drive, Champaign, IL 61822. Together, we can reform Illinois. What is the Put-Back Amendment? The Put-Back Amendment is designed to decentralize the power in the Illinois Legislature so that local legislators have the ability to represent their districts instead of representing the interests of Springfield power brokers. It is also designed to withstand legal challenges that are likely to be filed to keep the amendment from ever reaching the voters. The General Assembly has no ability to modify this language nor can they prevent the amendment from reaching the ballot. The only recourse they have is the courts to declare the amendment unconstitutional, and the amendment was written with that in mind (as well as having a federal court challenge to force the state to put the amendment for a vote). The amendment primarily makes the Legislature a unicameral (one chamber body) called the Senate, made of 59 districts where 3 Senators represent a single district. It returns Illinois to “bullet voting” which we had prior to 1980 (its repeal resulting in the centralized power we see today). Read more about the Put-Back Amendment.... Leave a Comment * Conservative T-Shirts * Follow CNB on Twitter * RSS Feed