Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Young Republicans Boozing

This should be fun. A bunch of young Republicans will gather to drink beer (oh, that must give Mullah Jim Dodge the heebee-jeebies!) and talk politics tonight (Jan. 13) at Faith & Whiskey (1365 W. Fullerton Avenue). The official attraction is the just the sure-to-come fireworks of the GOP gubernatorila candidates' debate, which will be televised on ABC7 Chicago. That will be entertaining enough, but the world will be watching the crowd at Faith & Whiskey. I'm told there will be a BBC news crew there to get opinions about the first year of the Obama Administration, as well as the current political mood in Illinois, Land of Corruption. Sen. Steve Rauschenberger will be on hand and rumor has it that embattled Congressman Mark Kirk may stop by. Now, I mentioned Jim Dodge a moment ago. He's the liberal Republican running for Comptroller who's been criticizing his opponent, conservative Republican Bill Kelly, for - get this - drinking beer. Will Dodge attack the Young Republicans for being at Faith & Whiskey, where the drink specials tonight include $1.00 Old Styles and $3.00 well drinks? More details, courtesy of the Chicago Young Republicans: The Chicago Young Republicans (CYR) will gather to view the ABC7/League of Women Voters Gubernatorial Debate. Here, individuals will decide who they want to support to face the Democrat opposition next fall and discuss Governor Quinn’s State of the State address. Who: The CYRs with special guest Steve Rauschenberger, Former State Senator and Former Candidate for U.S. Senate & Governor. What: The CYRs will be available for debate & state of the state reaction. When: Wednesday January 13, 6:00-10:30pm. Where: Faith & Whiskey, 1365 W. Fullerton Ave, Chicago IL If you would like to know more about the campaign or the Chicago Young Republicans please contact Corrine Williams at (305) 479-5683 or via email at or Jeremy Rose at (630) 835-6049 or via email at Leave a Comment * Conservative T-Shirts * Follow CNB on Twitter * RSS Feed