Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Todd Stroger's Dirty Little Race War

We knew that Todd Stroger and his supporters would play the race card during his re-election for President of the Cook County Board. Even we, however, did not expect the Stroger camp to drag the Democrat primary election fight this low. Alex Parker reports that "a number of leaflets using racist language, purportedly being distributed by his supporters, are outlining an 'Irish' conspiracy allegedly coordinated by Mayor Richard M. Daley, Gov. Pat Quinn and Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan to keep Stroger out of office." Parker's post, at Chicago Current, goes on to say that "The fliers, which claim to be from the so-called 'Soldiers for Stroger,' encourage voters to vote for Stroger 'in the spirit of Black History Month and Dr. King’s birthday.' Yet they call the Daley, Quinn and Madigan 'massa,' and disparage a number of other local politicos. The Illinois Review blog was the first to report on the fliers." RELATED: Stroger Ad Goes for the Race Card - Publius Forum Soldiers for Stroger circulate leaflet accusing [Michael] Madigan of racist plot Illinois Review: 'Soldier-for-Stroger' explains Black/Irish war in Democrat Primary Tony Peraica Says Stroger "Unelectable" - Chicago News Bench Video Cook County's Cavalcade of Idiots - Chicago News Bench Bill Clinton Wants Obama to Bring More Coffee Isaac Hayes Says Racist Harry Reid Must Go Leave a Comment * Conservative T-Shirts * Follow CNB on Twitter * RSS Feed