Sunday, January 24, 2010

Senator Goes Missing: Last Seen Hiding Under Her Desk

by Sean Vera After Heather Steans last performance in a debate, we were all itching to see her get whomped once more. But, alas, our dreams are dashed. Good ol' Sen. Steans is apparently too busy to come and talk to the people who she supposedly represents. What a shame. But, her Democratic challenger Jim Madigan and Republican Adam Robinson will be at Loyola's Rogers Park campus Monday, January 25th to debate the issues and show the people of the district that there is a better choice than a bank heiress who is a corrupt Blago-crat who allegedly purchased her Senate seat. The Loyola College Republicans are hosting this event, details of which can be found here (and below). The back-story that led up to this point is particularly of note. The College Republicans hosted a forum like this in December. We invited all 3 candidates and were co-sponsoring the event with the Loyola College Democrats. However, once Sen. Steans declined our invitation (citing a CTA Red Line meeting which, if you attended, would realize that her presence was not required), the College Dems president (who is a good friend of the Senator), unilaterally withdrew the organization's support of the event and accused the College Republicans of being "unprofessional" and claiming that the event was creating a "climate of bipartisanship." Although patently false, the College Republicans agreed to host a second forum at the beginning of Loyola's spring semester in order to have the senator attend. Again, the Steans' campaign dragged their feet for weeks until the College Republicans were forced to set a date and that the Senator was, you guessed it, conveniently unavailable. So, Heather Steans won't be there tomorrow. Her alleged corruption however, will be lingering in the air. State Senate Candidate Forum #2 (7th District) Date: Monday, January 25, 2010 Time: 6:00pm - 8:30pm Life Sciences Building Auditorium Loyola University Campus 1060 W Sheridan Road Chicago, Illinois RELATED: State Senator Heather Steans is a Coward New Campaign Flyer from Evil Clown Heather Steans More posts about Heather Steans Leave a Comment * Conservative T-Shirts * Follow CNB on Twitter * RSS Feed