Mark Kirk's RINO Trap

by IOTW Reports - In the Illinois Republican primary, the establishment pick, Mark Kirk, is trying to paint himself as a conservative. [Continued below the graphic...] Mark Kirk is the very definition of a RINO, and he is trying to trap Conservative Republicans with a box of lies. Despite his votes for Cap and Trade, millions in earmark projects for his campaign donors, and support for the bank bailouts, he is calling himself a “fiscal conservative” and a “budget hawk.” The Washington elite are trying to jam another liberal candidate down the throats of voters. It is time we take our party back and let Washington know we want Conservative candidates and we want to pick them ourselves. Conservatives do have a choice in Illinois with Patrick Hughes. He is a businessman, father, and true fiscal conservative. We have a chance to fix what is broken, stop massive government spending, and put an end to a Washington that is only interested in helping Washington; but we need to make sure Patrick wins the Republican primary on February 2nd. We must act today, stop the RINO Mark Kirk, and make sure Patrick Hughes wins the Republican nomination in Illinois. Right Klik has the skinny on this Illinois primary. KL South has a great compilation of quotes which clearly illustrates why Patrick Hughes is the clear choice in Illinois. ALSO SEE: Rootless RINOS Hat tip: Cheryl Prater Leave a Comment * Conservative T-Shirts * Follow CNB on Twitter * RSS Feed