Friday, January 15, 2010

Illini For a Better Illinois Endorses Andrzejewski for Governor

Press Release from Illini For a Better Illinois: Champaign, IL - January 15, 2010 - The executive board of Illini for a Better Illinois would like to announce our first endorsement. We are a non-partisan organization seeking to contribute to student’s electoral activity and a better understanding of the candidates. After researching next years election, we have found a candidate that truly epitomizes the values essential for a government that truly represents the people of Illinois. As the director of a Government accountability agency, Adam Andrzejewski had single-handedly pioneered a movement that has made Illinois second in the nation in school transparency and created a great deal of accountability in counties and cities throughout the state. Adam has already taken a stand on many issues we need addressed such as corruption, property taxes, job growth, the budget, health care, and the education system. He supports legislation that would prevent the government from invading on anyone's conscience. He believes that putting every dime of government spending online can prove to be integral in promoting transparency and accountability in all government offices- as evidenced by his activism in many counties, boards of education, and other bureaucracies. We need someone who hasn't been tainted by the system that allows popular officials to enjoy loopholes and ethical lapses, but punishes those who try to stand up to that system. True democracy thrives under a balance of power, not in a place where a single party has a super-majority of the House and Senate and effectively controls the executive. After Gov. Quinn’s ‘State of the State’ Address, Senator John Cullerton commented, “Republican Governors even before Ogilvie have shown no hesitance to raise taxes and fees. I am confident that, as they have in the past, republicans in the Senate and General Assembly will support increases in taxes and fees.” As most of us are working students paying the second highest county sales tax in the state, we cannot afford any more taxes and the republicans in office have proven to be no better at doing this than the democrats. Members of our group have identified Adam early in April and have been closely following his campaign since then. It is with pleasure that we announce our endorsement of Adam Andrzejewski. It is time for Illinois government to return to a path of fiscal responsibility and ethical accountability. We believe that his budget cuts, background, plan for ethical reform, ideas to make Illinois the magnet of job creation and 2 executive orders that will champion are unparalleled among the candidates from both parties and are best suited for the next Governor of Illinois. I encourage everyone to contact his campaign and to visit his website- It’s time that the people of Illinois had their turn running the state rather than insiders and corrupt public officials! We ask all people of goodwill to unite behind a candidate who will finally represent the hardworking taxpayers of Illinois for a change. (Link for Illinois School Transparency Rating) For more information, and to schedule interviews with Ms. Czarney contact her at Leave a Comment * Conservative T-Shirts * Follow CNB on Twitter * RSS Feed