Heather Steans Exposed

Finally, a Democrat with a combination of guts, smarts and media savvy who is not afraid to stand up to the Chicago Machine. Jim Madigan is running against Heather Steans for the 7th Illinois State Senate District seat, and he's been calling her out on hypocrisy and huge campaign contributions made by her and her husband. Now, Lorraine Swanson of Lake Effect News has weighed in with her take on what Heather Steans has tried to keep out of public debate for so long: Heather Steans was handpicked by former 7th District State Senator Carol Ronen to fill her seat after she resigned mid-term in October 2007. Since she first announced her candidacy for Ronen’s seat in 2007, two major issues have haunted her. More on those problems at LEN... RELATED: LEN: Madigan Puts Steans On Defensive In Candidates Forum CNB: Videos Jim Madigan Owning Heather Steans State Senator Heather Steans is a Coward - Loyola Republicans David Ormsby: Greg Harris Endorses Heather Steans Over Gay Rights Independent of What? Politics Chicago Reader The Chuck Cowdery Blog: Score One For Heather Illinois Review: Democrats Responsible for Blagojevich Leave a Comment * Conservative T-Shirts * Follow CNB on Twitter * RSS Feed